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Cat, abandoned in rental house, holds on to human after being rescued. Cat: Don't leave me again

by bobo 2 months ago in cat
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If a person's life the most sad thing, is to love the wrong person; The saddest thing in a pet's life is probably following the wrong owner

However, this is an unavoidable thing, as a pet, they have never been qualified to choose the owner, no matter a pet, appearance more beautiful, more expensive variety, personality more relatives... Pets are abandoned at the word of their owners.

Because in this day and age, it is really too easy to get a pet, and abandon a pet, but only in a read, may be a child before a second, or set thousands of pet in a small cute, the next second, become everyone abandon, lest avoid less than stray animals.

A pet cat abandoned in a rental property

In mid-December this year, an animal protection agency received a request from a person who said she had a breed blue cat and asked if the rescue station would accept it.

The staff were a bit surprised because most of The Times they received requests for help were about rural cats and dogs. Very few breeds of cats and dogs were abandoned, but it was not excluded that some breeds of cats and dogs were seriously ill and abandoned because their owners did not want to treat them.

After arriving at the scene, the staff was shocked by the scene, in a room full of garbage, the smell of disgusting, a very thin small blue cat, limp on the old wooden shelf.

The person asking for help is the landlord of the house. According to her, as early as a week ago, she found that the tenant had screened her. When the landlord opened the door to inspect the house, he found that the building was empty and the tenant had moved out secretly without her.

The landlord can let go of the furniture damaged by the cat, but she was most angry that the tenant had left the pet cat alone in the house without telling anyone. The landlord felt that if he had come any later, the little fellow might have been killed.

The cat, who had been left in the house for a week, was expected to be abandoned, resentful or fearful of humans, but when the volunteer called for the cat, it ran to him.

Rescued cats hold on to humans

After repeated unsuccessful attempts to contact the owner, the landlord also had no energy to take care of the cat, so the previous request for help was made. The cat was first sent to the pet hospital for a medical examination, which showed that the baby was in good health.

Many people may wonder, are there really healthy breeds of cats that are abandoned? Friends who work in relief tell me there are, but relatively few.

The reasons for abandonment are such as moving, the new landlord is not allowed to breed; Or the owner left the local, too late for the pet to do consignment, etc., some reasons are more outrageous, the owner feels that raising a pet is time-consuming and laborious, disliking the pet personality and so on. Owners don't even have time to find new owners for their pets, which is, quite frankly, irresponsible.

Small blue cat really special docile personality, don't know if master left, caused a blow to its young and small mind, worried about being abandoned again, almost every moment with the little fellow volunteers behind her, even sleep, also want to hold the arm of the volunteers do not give up, for fear that his eyes, that person is not around.

His cat has been taken care of

Healthy breeds at the shelter are easy to find owners, and since news of the blue cat was posted, there have been many offers of adoption.

After rigorous screening, staff found a suitable owner for the cat. The new owner has a good home, a lot of room, and most importantly, he already has a blue cat at home, so he has plenty of experience with cats.

Even though the cat has a bed several times bigger than his own body size, he still likes to stay by his owner's side and cuddle with his arm. This is probably the "aftereffect" of being abandoned.

Perhaps in the first half of his life, the little blue cat did not meet a good owner, but with the help of many kind people, the cat still found the most suitable owner, this cat's second half of life, someone is responsible for it!

We don't know why the original owner left the cat alone. Whatever the reason, it's not a reason for him to abandon his pet. Is it that hard to find a new adopter for the cat? Does the original owner really have no qualm about abandoning a pet that has been with him for so long and leaving it to die?

There is an old saying that "a dog never cares about poverty". This saying actually applies to many domestic animals. Pets never care about their owners, they only want their owners to stay with them for a long time. So, as a host, also please shoulder your due responsibility!


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