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Britney LaLuna Kray Kray

A shout-out to my dog.

By Tressa RosePublished 6 months ago 5 min read

Never have I known a dog to be so picky with pooping... not until little miss Britney came into my life. Like seriously, she will walk around the yard for a good 15-20 minutes sniffing for the right spot, winter's are the worst! And if other dogs are using that same grass, good luck! She avoids walking on it like it's the plague. She does this sort of high horse trot trying to not touch the grass as much as possible, it's quite hilarious to watch.

She is just a very finicky dog in general, very particular about her likes and dislikes. She is spoiled rotten, I'll admit. But she deserves it after the life she had before I got her. And let me be clear, I had zero intentions of getting a pet dog at this point in my life, it was a non-option.

To the best of my knowledge she is a Pit-Wawa mix of sorts. I rescued her from the alley of my old neighborhood about a year and a half ago, and based on her teething, she was 4-6 months old when I found her. By the way, when I got her I had no idea dogs teethed, so when she lost a couple in the first week I had her I was sure she was very ill! To my relief, the vet explained it was totally normal.

When I found her she was huddled in a corner in a huge spider web, she was skin and bones and completely terrified. I was actually getting ready to leave to go to the E.R. for a kidney stone issue when I noticed her. I was with my Ex at the time and tried to approach her, and she growled in defense. I had two cats, so I asked my Ex to grab me a blanket and a can of wet cat food. As I approached her a little more I carefully scooted the can in front of her. She literally inhaled it so fast she started choking... her ribs were so defined, my heart sank.

I sat about two feet from her, the closest she would let me get without growling, for almost an hour just talking to her. She was shaking terribly, and was breaking my heart cause she was too scared to even look me in the eye. I knew I couldn't leave her there. I waited until she was finally able to look at me, then I told her very softly I was going to help her and it would be okay. I wrapped the blanket over her, she tried to snap once, but aside from the shaking, was completely calm as I carried her into my apartment.

I wasn't sure how my cats would respond to her, and didn't want to overwhelm her, so I made up a little bed for her in my warm bathroom with some food and water. She chose to hide behind the toilet for the majority of the first couple days, but once in a while would allow me to pet the top of her head. I just kept talking to her, letting her know she was safe, and then gave her some space. The third morning, opening up that bathroom door was like having a completely different dog in there, she started jumping up on me and wagging her tail, she was actually happy to see me...

I put up flyers around the neighborhood and posted for a missing dog, but part of me started hoping no one would respond, she was growing on me fast. The first few weeks she was terrified to go outside so I was using puppy mats for her, but slowly I started getting her more comfortable with going out to the quiet alley where I had found her. One late night I had taken her out and there was a guy standing in the alley, he shined his flashlight on me and the puppy and asked what I was doing. He then told me she was a good looking dog, I explained to him how I had just found her not long ago and was taking care of her till I could find the owner.

This... I can't even call him a man. This guy then tells me he was the owner of her. That he breeds pure blood pit-bulls, and his dog had knocked up a dog that wasn't a pit-bull. He then boldly proceeds to tell me how he shamelessly would beat on her, and let his adult pit's bully her because she was a mutt...

My blood boiled. I picked her up and told him I would like to keep her (I was not going to hand her back over either way) and he acted like he could care less. So from those moments forward we were bonded together, human and canine. I like to say she is my emotional support pet just as much as I am her emotional support human. It's very true though, she is still working through anxiety and trust issues with people, same as me. It takes a lot for her to warm up, and even when she is, she still doesn't do things like sit on my lap. She is very loving in her own way though. I couldn't be more grateful that she came into my life, because I have my own daily struggles and she is there to help me cope and get through them.

BTW, her name is Britney LaLuna Kray Kray because she has two personalities, the first, is after Britney Spears. She does this adorable thing where sometimes when she is being shy, she will cover her eyes with her paw (I got the name from the "Leave Britney alone" movement, that's what popped in my head when she would do it). And the second personality, Kray Kray... I think is pretty self-explanatory.

If you're interested in hearing some of those struggles I wrote about please check out my other writings, The letters to my daughters, and the Late Bloomer pieces. Or any of my other work if it suites your fancy!

Thank you for your support it's greatly appreciated!


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Tressa Rose

On a serious self-discovering, soul-searching journey. Breaking myself out of a stagnant shell and reaching out for my dream of being a writer. Small steps but this is my start! Please help me by commenting your feedback, I'd be grateful!

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