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Brain Training For Dogs Review 2020

by Sathesh Kumar 9 months ago in training

Brain Training for Dogs: Build a Genius Dog

Brain Training For Dogs Review 2020
Photo by Ross Sokolovski on Unsplash

Hi everyone, My name is kate and I am 28 years old. I have a notorious dog which I love the most.

I love writing about Dogs so today I thought of reviewing a very popular program for Dogs called as Brain Training For Dogs.

So, If you are willing to buy this program, then you should must read this review first.

I have personally used this program and I believe that it makes me eligible to write an extensive review about it.

Being a pet owner I absolutely love Dogs. I just love it when I return home and my munchkin excitedly run towards me and jump on me with all his love.

I believe every pet owner does love that feel when their dog jumps on them.

If you do not know, It has been scientifically proved that dogs can be the best friend of Human beings if treated right.

Dogs are extremely intelligent and good in understanding Humans.

If I talk about my Dog, whenever I am suffering through illness, he understands that and makes me feel easy by sitting right next to me and rubbing his head over my feet.

Apart from this, whenever he sees me in trouble , he immediately acts and try his level best to get me out of it.

Enough background checks, now lets talk about the problems that I faced with my Dog and how I got rid of them.

The very first problem I observed in my Dog was his behavior;

now let’s be honest no dog is perfect so we should always solve their problems instead of scolding them.

How did I come to know about Brain Training For Dogs?

So, when I observed behavioral problems in my Dog I decided to work on him.

The first move I took was opening YouTube and searching for videos related to fixing behavioral problems in Dogs; sadly there were thousands of videos which made me confused in choosing the right one.

So, I dropped the idea of watching YouTube videos.

Then my second move was reading few Dogs related forums online, this is when I come to know about the Adrienne’s Brain Training For Dogs.

After knowing about Adrienne’s program, I thought of checking out some real human reviews of the program because every single review website was saying this program to be the best, I needed some criticism so I went to Google and started looking for real user reviews for Brain Training For Dogs.

I was shocked when I was unable to observe even a single negative review for Adrienne’s program.

That was the moment when I decided to Buy Brain Training For Dogs.

So without wasting any further time I bought the program and started my journey with it.

The very first glance of the membership area made me feel confident that yes, I have made the right choice.

I got that feel inside my heart that yes, this program is going to help me in solving my Dog’s behavioral problem.

So what exactly Brain Training For Dogs Program is?

One of the most vital thing about this program and the thing I loved the most about Brain Training For Dogs is the Force Free Training.

You won’t need to force your Dog in any way so he is not going to feel hurt.

Being a dog owner, I was afraid of buying any Brain training program for my dog because I thought most of the programs require forced actions or dominance to perform on the Dogs in order to train the dog and I honestly didn’t wanted to do that.

Because of Force Free Training and the +ve reinforcement my Dog’s thinking capacity has been increased incredibly.

I purchased Adrienne’s program for $60.00 and now the price has been slightly reduced.

Whats Inside The Course?

As soon as I received the logins for the program, I excitedly logged to Login page and Signed in with my credentials.

So, there were 6 categories in the primary navigation and those clearly stated what I have got within the program.

Below are the packages I got inside the program:

  • Dog Training and Courses
  • Puppy Training
  • Behavior Problems
  • Adrienne’s Archives
  • Case Studies
  • Forum
  • Now, let me explain each package with an extensive brief.

    Let’s begin with the first package.

    Dog Training and Courses

    This package is basically the introduction of the entire course.

    Adrienne’s walks you through with some of the basics of Brain Training for Dogs which starts with the Activities required to be done in order to train a dog’s brain.

    Puppy Training

    This package is ranked as number 2 in the navigation bar.

    This section mainly talks about the little paws and suggests some best methods for the owners with which they can start to spend some quality time everyday on their puppies training without any hassle.

    This section is very vital for individuals who are interested in adopting a pup in future.

    Below is a screenshot of the Puppy Training Section.

    Puppy Training section has ample of ways to train a pup.

    This section walks you through in making a bond of friendship with your little paw.

    Behavioral Problems

    This package ranks at number 3, however it is the most important part of the entire course.

    This entire package is dedicated to the Dog’s behavioral problems which dog owners go through with their loving dogs. (This is the section which helped me.)

    Behavioral problems includes aggression, continuous barking, whining, psychological problems and etc.

    All above problems are covered in this section.

    Below is a screenshot to the program;

    Adrienne’s Archive

    This package ranks at number 4 and contains the most common problems which most of the Dog owners face once in their lifetime.

    This package concludes two sub packages (which can be seen in below screenshot)

    Adrienne Archive

    Article archives

    This is the 1st Subcategory of Adrienne’s Archives and this have a big list of articles related to the Dog’s problems such as Barking, whining, aggression all at one place.

    Video Archives

    This is the 2nd Subcategory of Adrienne’s Archives and have a wide range of videos shoot by Adrienne with her loving dog which focuses to spread her trick training techniques throughout the videos with her clients.

    Case Study

    This package ranks at number 6 and in this section Adrienne publishes all her experiences with the dogs she own.

    She have two dogs Sadie and Maggie.

    Sadie was a rescue dog with problems like whining, possessiveness and standing right next to door for hours and hours.

    Maggie was having a very serious problem of jumping on people she see. It was really hard for Adrienne to help maggie problem but she did it with her intelligence. Maggie was very aggressive until Adrienne started doing her magic on Maggie.


    This package ranks at number 7, this is a place where people share the problems they face with their Dogs.

    Its a very active forum and people are always ready to help.

    Adrienne is also very active their, so if you will be having any doubts related to her program she will be more than happy to assist you.

    All the premium members are allowed to share their experiences and problems (if any).

    I personally loved the forum section of this entire course.

    The posts shared their are not less than gems.

    To summarize

    The entire course contains

    The main dog training manual (eBook of 328 Pages in PDF format)

    A Complimentary 89 Page PDF entirely dedicated to Dog’s Behavioral Training (Very Useful)

    21 Videos which will help you in making a friendly bond with your Dog.

    Who Will Get The Maximum Benefit From Brain Training For Dogs?

    Undoubtedly, every dog owner will get the most out of it.

    If you are a Dog owner and facing any of below given problem with your dog, then surely you should buy this program:

    If your dog doesn’t listen to you

    If your dog barks uncontrollably

    If your Dog is pulling on the leash

    If your Dog is aggressive

    If your Dog is chewing things he shouldn’t

    If your Dog is digging all the time

    If your Dog is Jumping up

    If you’re frustrated with your dog

    If you may even regret getting your Dog

    If you’re worried you might have to give up your Dog because of behavior problems you can’t handle

    If you feel helpless to control your dog

    If you tell your Dog ‘no’ with no success

    If your Dog gets over excited and is hard to settle down

    If your Dog is whining constantly

    If your dog has a fear of certain sounds or stimuli or suffers from anxiety

    If you want a dog who obeys you

    If you want a better bond with your dog

    If you want less stress

    How does Brain Training For Dogs Work?

    As stated in the bottom, this course does not require forced training so it is entirely based upon bonding and trust that you will build with your Dog over time.

    Training Dog’s Brain is not a magic science, its a time taking process so you do not need to be panic, give your Dog time.

    You will eventually start seeing changes in your Dogs Behavior which will make you feel proud that yes Finally your hard work has paid off.

    This course teaches you everything, so its my guarantee you won’t need to spend even a single dime more on your Dog’s training.

    Talking about my experience with the program, I absolutely loved it.

    The Behavioral Problems section of the course helped me in solving my Dog’s problem.

    That was the only reason I bought the program and happily it was worth buying it.

    My dog’s behavior problem has been totally vanished now and all credit goes to Adrienne’s program.


    Yes, this program worked like a charm for me, my dog’s behavioral problem has been entirely vanished now.

    My experience with Brain Training For Dog’s program was honestly amazing, I followed Adrienne’s entire course and I must say, the value she have provided in the program worth’s a lot more than the cost she have set for the program.

    Sathesh Kumar
    Sathesh Kumar
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    Sathesh Kumar

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