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Boom goes Dinomite

by Soomimuu 11 months ago in cat
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Meet Dino, my favorite floof.

Dino is my cat. There are a lot of things I can say about him. He does all of the normal cat things: he makes plenty of biscuits, he turns possessed in the middle of the night, and he’s food-obsessed. I’ve been around cats for a while, and yet, I have never found one quite like Dino.

First of all, he’s a model.

He absolutely loves the camera. He seeks it, plays hide and seek with it, and he works it. I don’t want him to know how cute he is, lest it get to his furry little head. But by now, he must know. Surely, I must have made it obvious and he is now fully aware of his magnificent power with which to manipulate situations into his successes.

He and I like the same shows. Or YouTube videos. See baby Dino below.

He's as intrigued as I am by all kinds of entertainment from The Office to random videos of cute dogs online. He loves Pirates of the Caribbean when he’s in crazy mode (especially the action scenes--maybe he has pirate aspirations), Gilmore Girls (during his more chill moods, which is...rare).

He also loves YouTube videos. Videos about other animals are always a win for him. He eats it all up. Speaking of eating…

The kitchen is our main battlefield. He thinks the cabinets are his dominion. And I...have succumbed. He’s quick and agile. I am clumsy and slow, so fine, he wins the cabinets. But I will never stop fighting to get him off my counters. He is beginning to know his place, but he still challenges authority. And I mustn't lie...I love him for it.

This is how he watches me from the top of my cabinets as I wash dishes. Sometimes I think he merely wants to keep me company. Other times I think he is staring maliciously as I clean up after the both of us. Mocking me...silently mocking the peasant who has no choice but to clean up after this creature who has no opposable thumbs and lurks in that gap above my fridge.

He can mock, he can judge. But his truest self is that he is the most adorable floof there is. He is kind and caring, especially when I don’t seek it. It is true that as soon as I catch on to his loving and compassionate mood, he then immediately switches to crazy Dino. I get it, he has to keep me guessing. But he has failed to camouflage that he is the sweetest little guy. His cuteness is, quite frankly, a lot for me to handle. How do you function when you’re around this?

Exhibit 1: how he sleeps.

He is the most adorable sleeper that I have ever laid my two God-given eyes on in the history of the universe. Sleeping Dino is by far one of my top 3 favorite Dinos. Up there you’ll also find Random Dino and Psycho Dino (who I complain about but the truth is that his craziness reflects my own and I love it.)

Exhibit 2: how he distracts.

You may ask me how I am able to get anything done when he stares like this. It’s a very valid question. Honest to God, I don’t know.

Exhibit 3: he is a WEIRD one.

I’m not talking about your average weirdo. I’m not talking about the “not like other girls” weirdo. I’m not talking about the kind of weird that people try to be so they can call themselves weird.

I’m talking about the kind of weird where he contorts his body into this position and watches me for 20 minutes straight. Not moving.

Curled and frozen.

For 20 minutes.

My God, I love him.


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