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Big Cats ARE Living Wild in Britain!

by Leo Lambert 2 years ago in wild animals
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The evidence is mounting, and as two new independent documentaries on the subject are about to be released, the British public might want to brace themselves for a shocking exposé on the big cats of Britain...

Watch the trailer for 'Britain’s Big Cat Mystery’ by Dragonfly Films Video Production.

This year has been a strange one, that’s for sure. As summer passes and the nights start to draw in, one could be forgiven for thinking things cannot get much weirder. However, things may just be about to get a whole lot weirder...

2020 has had it all; from a brewing zombie apocalypse to a near-miss with an asteroid, and for those of us with a penchant for mystery and intrigue the anomalies of this year thus far should only serve to whet the appetite. This month hails the promise of two new independent documentary films exploring the big cats of Britain, and at least one of them claims to have conclusive evidence (Mabe, 2020).

'Grizzly' is an animation studio based in Dorset and last year their short documentary 'Big Cats of Britain' was released to rapturous applause, but apart from recapping a well-established story based on urban legend and myth, it did little to break new ground; fast forward to July 2020 and Grizzly are back for the release of the trailer for the sequel to their first film. "Chasing Shadows: Britain's Big Cat Mystery" is being teased for release later in August 2020, and the trailer has caused somewhat of a stir among fans and critics alike (Cory-Wright, 2020). The trailer suggests that the Grizzly boys are taking a jovial approach to the subject, whilst some are speculating that their finished work will detract from the cause they had initially set out to support. Their recent alliance with the Lynx UK Trust has also not gone unnoticed; particularly as it now seems that the Grizzly boys have made a U-turn on their views that panthers are living wild in Britain, to champion the need for lynx re-introduction to fill a void at the apex of the food chain (Grizzly, 2020); a void which only a year ago they claimed was already occupied by leopards, lynx and pumas (Grizzly, 2019). These contrasting incongruent claims have some would-be fans defecting in their droves to follow another emerging colossus in the big cat debate...

'Britain's Big Cat Mystery' is being produced by 'Dragonfly Films Video Production' based in London. Those with keen eyes among you will have already noticed that there is a discrepancy here which may cause problems at the search engines; but to be clear, an earlier edit of this documentary picked up awards in 2017 and 2018 under the same title (Accolade Global Film Competition, 2017; Impact Docs! Awards, 2018). This film is now being touted by die-hard fanatics and enthusiasts as the one to watch, and whilst there is no confirmed date for the official release, social media is buzzing with excitement. A very brief press release was made earlier this week, which has the public salivating like a pack of rabid dogs for the release of this film; the revelation that at last viewers will be treated to solid proof!

Whilst some detractors will no doubt rush to whichever film is released first, there will also be a silent collective of hardcore big cat followers that will be keen to ascertain which of these two films does justice to the story; and as the old saying goes, the proof of the pudding will be in the eating...

Click here to watch the trailer for 'Britain's Big Cat Mystery' -

Click here to watch the trailer for 'Chasing Shadows: Britain's Big Cat Mystery' -

Written by Leo Lambert.


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