Best Pet Charities in New York City

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These are the best pet charities in New York City, according to charity watchdog groups.

Best Pet Charities in New York City

New York City is one of the greatest cities in the world - as long as you're not one of the many animals who live in the mean city streets. Sadly, there's a bit of a stray epidemic going on in New York City, and many pet charities in town aren't actually doing much to solve the problems animals face.

If you want to see a New York City that's friendlier to animals, you need to donate to one of the best charities in New York City. Animal welfare groups, charity watchdogs, and charitable organization experts are saying these are the best pet charities in New York City. So, if you do give, make sure to give to one of these groups.

The Good Dog Foundation

This pet charity is all about connecting dogs with people who are suffering from stress, trauma, and serious illness as a way to help both people and animals heal. With the Good Dog Foundation, volunteers and pet handlers allow therapy dogs to connect with the people who need them.

Additionally, this group trains pet owners who want to help support others during their time of need using their own pets. So, if you have a pet you want to volunteer, the Good Dog Foundation can be a great choice.

For more information on the Good Dog Foundation, visit their site here.

Best Friends Pet Adoption Center

SoHo's own Best Friends Pet Adoption Center is on a serious mission to end the practice of euthanizing excess animals in shelters. Animals that are rescued by this shelter get to enjoy a no-kill experience in an art gallery-like setting while they find homes with New York City locals.

Along with helping animals find homes, the Best Friends Adoption Center also helps people spread awareness of the no-kill message using museum-like displays throughout the center.

Best Friends Pet Adoption Center also happens to be a favorite charity among socialites, so if you want to arrange a fundraiser, they will definitely be able to help you.

They strongly encourage people to foster dogs, cats, and other fuzzes that enter their doors if they can't offer a forever home. Moreover, visitors are always welcome to just say hello to the animals inside. In terms of quality of life, this is definitely one of the best pet charities in New York City.

For more information on the Best Friends Pet Adoption Center, click here.

The Animal Haven Shelter

This Little Italy-based adoption center has been the place of thousands of pet adoptions throughout its 50-year existence. The Animal Haven Shelter is a nonprofit that provides health care to animals before they're adopted out, gives kids the chance to volunteer, and also has been known to rescue animals from abroad as well.

Their biggest claim to fame was rescuing a bunch of dogs from a South Korean dog meat farm. Though the puppies came in sick, most are in recovery and are awaiting their own forever home thanks to this shelter.

This venue only takes dogs and cats as adoptable animals, as the facilities are limited. However, that's generally okay since most buildings in NYC will only allow cats and dogs, anyway.

Because they've shown themselves to be champions of pet welfare and are honest about their finances, the Animal Haven Shelter rightfully has earned its reputation as one of the best pet charities in New York City.

For more information on the Animal Haven Shelter, check out their site here.

Brooklyn Animal Action

Along with boasting one of the cities best Trap-Neuter-Release programs, people at the Brooklyn Animal Action also run one of the most welcoming animal shelters in the Big Apple. Volunteers are welcome to foster any of the pets in need at Brooklyn Animal Action, but adoptions are always the number one priority.

That being said, the people who choose to open up their homes to animals from Brooklyn Animal Action definitely go through a good screening process. Foster homes, too, are carefully selected after a rigorous screening.

Moreover, Brooklyn Animal Action is also famous for hosting awesome fundraisers and awareness nights. So, if you love the idea of really connecting to the community, this is a good way to do it.

As a result, Brooklyn Animal Action has become known as one of the best pet charities in New York City - at least when it comes to the quality of people who work there, adopt from them, and volunteer with them. That being said, donating to them is a great way to make your money count.

For more information about Brooklyn Animal Action, click here.


Bideawee, despite the hipster-y name, has been around for over 100 years. During that time, the group has been working with in-house pet matchmakers that connect awesome pets with the owners that they'd mesh best with.

Historically speaking, Bideawee has always been a bit ahead of the time. It was America's first no-kill shelter. Currently, it works to facilitate adoptions, provide medical care via animal hospitals, and even keep the memories of pets alive through pet memorial parks.

Simply put, if there's a need that's not being met, Bideawee is a pet charity that will work to make that need met. Because they've done so much amazing work in the city and beyond, Bideawee definitely is one of the best pet charities in New York City - adoption-wise or otherwise.

For more information on Bideawee, visit their site here.

Social Tees Animal Rescue

This oddly-named animal rescue group is based out of Brooklyn, and has all the quirk you'd expect it to have. Social Tees Animal Rescue takes abandoned and homeless animals from kill shelters, gives them to vets for medical care and then fosters them until they find homes for them.

Social Tees is usually the last chance many dogs and cats have before they get euthanized. So, if you want to help them improve their ability to save animal lives, you definitely should. Among up and coming nonprofits, Social Tees Animal Rescue is regularly rated as one of the best pet charities in New York City for both its cause and low-cost operations circuit.

Oh, and yes, they are working on a tee shirt line to support the cause. To check out their organization, click here.

Sean Casey Animal Rescue

If you haven't noticed, there are quite a few charitable organization groups that focus on helping cats and dogs. There's adoption groups, service animal groups, and medical care groups galore. But, where's the Big Apple love for other kinds of pets?

Well, that love is at Brooklyn's Sean Casey Animal Rescue. This awesome pet charity is all about saving dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and even exotic small animals. So, if you want to help out hamsters, support snakes, or just root for reptiles, this is one of the best pet charities in New York City to donate to.

This pet adoption center is excellent when it comes to placing unusual pets, and they make a point of being a shelter that provides great living situations to animals of almost every size.

To learn more about the Sean Casey Animal Rescue, click here.


KittyKind is a New York City adoption charity that focuses solely on cats, and though it's small, it's done quite a bit of work. This no-kill animal shelter currently facilitates around 2,000 adoptions per year in New York City alone.

You can donate to them, foster a cat, or even adopt one via KittyKind's adoption center in the Union Square PetCo. Simply put, this is an honest pet charity that loves cats and wants to see them find homes that will love them. That honest, simple goal along with the hard work they put in makes KittyKind one of the best pet charities in New York City.

Take a look at KittyKind here!

Rabbit Rescue And Rehab

Do you love rabbits? Of course you do - everyone does. Well, almost everyone. For some reason, New York City doesn't really have a lot of pet charities that service rabbits or bunnies.

Thankfully, there is one that has gotten high ratings from animal welfare groups and organizations. This bunny-friendly pet charity helps facilitate rabbit adoption, foster homeless bunnies, and also teach new rabbit owners how to take care of their new furry friends.

If you love bunnies and want to see to it that they have welfare in New York City, then help donate to Rabbit Rescue And Rehab. The organization has gotten rave reviews for what they were able to do with the funds they had, so your dollars really do matter.

To take a look at Rabbit Rescue and Rehab, take a look at their site here.

Sentient Creatures

Chitra Besbroda is known as the "Angel of Harlem," and her organization, Sentient Creatures, specializes in helping the animals that most other shelters turned their backs on. In other words, Sentient Creatures helps rehome "junkyard dogs" that were abandoned, neglected, or otherwise just left to roam inhospitable areas of New York City.

Sentient Creatures is a very personal charity that makes a sincere effort to rehouse every single animal that comes up on their doorstep. Right now, they need donations, volunteers, and foster homes. Helping them out gives animals that are often just left to be euthanized or killed a voice.

As of right now, this is one of the best pet charities in New York City - at least, when it comes to the work they put in. Harlem wouldn't be the same without Sentient Creatures giving animals a chance to be adopted. Over 3,500 animals have been placed by this small but loving adoption group.

To help Sentient Creatures, take a look at their website here.


The ASPCA is one of those animal welfare organizations that needs no introduction. This animal shelter group has been known to provide medical care, shelter, food, and adoption facilitation to animals for decades - and continues to hold the standard of animal welfare.

Simply put, this is one of those animal welfare groups that always finds a way to help, no matter where you are.

Donating to the ASPCA is a good way to make sure your money is spent well, and that your reach will span across multiple cities. As of right now, the ASPCA is very active in New York City as a whole. So, even if it's not a New York-based charity, it's still one of the best pet charities in New York City.

To learn more about the ASPCA and what it does, go here.

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