Best Large Dog Breeds

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If you love having a canine friend the size of a small cow, then the best large dog breeds out there will definitely make for a perfect partner.

Best Large Dog Breeds

Dogs have, and always will be, man's best friend. When dog breeders first began to breed them, they categorized dogs into two size categories: mastiff and terrier. Mastiffs were large dogs, terriers were small.

These days, we now have a wider variety of different dog sizesand dog breeds. Large dogs, though rarer, are still very popular and offer tons of love to the right owners.

We decided to take a look at the best large dog breeds that are currently finding families to adopt them. Do you see any puppies you'd want to own here?

Labrador Retriever

If there's any pooch that is known as a family dog, it's a Labrador Retriever. These large dogs are filled with love, and make loyal, adoring, and affectionate companions.

They just have natures that are too sweet to hate. They are also very easy to train, too. They're playful, patient, and are known for being one of the absolute best large dog breeds for families with young kids.

If you want a great dog that works well with suburban and rural environments, then adopting a Labrador Retriever is definitely a great move to consider.

Great Dane

Most of us have first gotten our exposure to Great Danes thanks to shows like Scooby Doo! Where Are You?. These adorable gentle giants are known for being the largest dog breed in the world, and also are generally known for being good natured.

Goofy, and extremely playful, Great Danes are truly gentle giants. In this sense, they are one of the best large dog breeds for people who love the fun that comes with a big ol' canine companion. However, it's worth noting that Greate Danes do require a lot of training — so make sure you're willing to put in the work.

English Bulldog

The good ol' English Bulldog regularly finds itself on lists of the best large dog breeds for families with kids — and we can totally see why. This goofy pup is all about having a good time, and is known for being incredibly patient with kids.

With their hilarious "smiles" and their even-keel temperament, English Bulldogs are the kind of pets that are both lazy and loving in their own way. Oh, and they also look pretty awesome when dressed up in clothing, too.


If you love playing near the beach and enjoy the company of giant fluff balls, then the Newfoundland is one of the best large dog breeds for you. Originally bred as "lifeguard" dogs, these water-friendly puppies are natural protectors and gentle giants at heart.

They're incredibly active, very loving, and extremely loyal companions. Best of all, these patient but large dogs also are relatively easy to train — and work wonderfully with kids.


Named after the original term for a large dog, Mastiffs definitely live up to their names. Clocking in at over 200 pounds in many cases, Mastiffs are as large as dogs get. That being said, they also are some of the best large dog breeds out there.

They are cuddlers and tend to adore being lap dogs — even if they are giant. Mastiffs are lazy dogs that adore kids, don't require much exercise, and (surprisingly) do well in apartment living situations. Overall, this is one of the rare large dog breeds that can work well with any family.


Most people wouldn't expect these guys to be on lists of the best large dog breeds, but the truth is that they are amazing dogs. They are goofy, affectionate, and gentle with their owners — but also can be trained to be great guard dogs, too.

Boxers are excellent with kids, and also are known for being total clowns packed with personality. They are incredibly playful, and they are literally the best friends you can ever have.

Saint Bernard

Originally bred to be rescue dogs in high altitudes, Saint Bernards always were the kindest, sweetest, and most patient of animals. These super furry puppies have long been known as quality family dogs — and that's why they even had an entire series of Beethoven movies focused around adventures with this breed.

Along with being excellent choices for families with active kids, Saint Bernards also are a huge hit with families who don't want to deal with a dog that's too hyperactive.

Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhounds are absolutely massive and stand at around three feet in height. They also are very active, very protective, and generally good natured dogs that tend to love living life to the fullest.

Though they might not be one of the best large dog breeds for families who live in apartments, Irish Wolfhounds are incredible for families who live on farms. If you enjoy active puppies who love the outdoors, Wolfhounds are the way to go.

Bernese Mountain Dog

An obvious relative of the Saint Bernard, Bernese Mountain Dogs are known for being unusually patient when it comes to tough families and hard situations. These loving puppies are known for being very good with kids and surprisingly aware of their large size.

If you're looking for a bigger dog that gets along with everyone, this is one of the best large dog breeds to consider. They work well with kids, parents, strangers, and even other pets.

That being said, Bernese Mountain Dogs are extremely active and are very talented sports dogs. They love hiking, fetching, tracking, and just running around. So, if you are looking for a lazy option, this is not the best dog for you.


Poodles are one of the best large dog breeds for families thanks to their easy trainability and their overall mellow demeanors. They love to play with small children, tend to fare well with other dogs, and generally are good "starter dogs" for people who have never owned one before.

One of the biggest perks to owning a poodle is that they don't produce much dander. In fact, dog breeders who specialize in poodles will tell you that they are one of the few hypoallergenic dogs out there. So, your friends who are allergic to dogs also don't have to worry about sneezing up a storm when they visit you.


For many people, particularly those who watched Lassie, Collies are the ultimate family dog. They are intelligent. They look good. They are patient, gentle, and surprisingly expressive friends. They also go great with children thanks to their gentle nature.

Much like other breeds on this list, Collies are considered to be pretty active — but easy to train. That being said, almost anyone who has ever owned this dog breed will tell you that they are one of the best large dog breeds out there.

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