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Thinking About Adding A Dog To The Family?

By KristinePublished 3 months ago 4 min read
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Ok, you’re thinking about getting a dog for your family and you have some small children. There are literally hundreds of recognized breeds of dogs when you look at Candle clubs like the AKC and then there are limitless mixes of breeds. In addition to that, when considering a new best friend for you and your family, especially if you have children. There is a wealth of choices so much so that it's often kind of overwhelming. To start with, your number one concern should be about your living situation and the safety of your family. You need to be sure you're ready for a dog and if you're brave enough a puppy. Puppies require a lot of work, and you should consider that before you get them especially if you're kind of overwhelmed with your family and children. Now remember dogs take a lot of work whether it's a puppy or an adult dog, dogs need attention as well but if you're ready for it let's get started.

I'm going to help you with some things that I would consider you think about before you get a dog, unless you're extremely dog savvy or professional dog trainer, stay away from High Drive dominant dogs they're a lot of work and they're generally not going to do well in a home with small children especially if you're feeling overwhelmed. Instead look for dogs that are bred to be family dogs and don't think that smaller is always better sometimes it's not my favorite dog breeds for families with small children.

In no order, start out with a LABRADOR RETRIEVER. The lab is a very sweet bitable easy going mostly calm dog that's among the most popular dogs in the world for a reason It's really a nice dog. Labs have been known to be loyal Companions and friendly family dogs for so many years.

Next look at the GOLDEN RETRIEVER. Golden retriever is another easy-going dog that does well with children. It's very similar to the lab obviously but it's a bit calmer often a little bit more docile. Golden retrievers have long hair which makes them a little harder to care for, but they generally do well in homes with children.

if you don't mind cleaning up hair spaniels such as the CAVALIER KING CHARLESSPANIEL, which can do well with small children and families, as well as in apartments and homes. They can be couch- potatoes one minute and enjoy a bunch of activity walks and playing the next. They're smaller dogs they're usually about 13 inches or so tall although much larger than the average dogs usually over 100 pounds and 150 pounds when you look at the males

NEWFOUNDLANDS are solid family dogs that have a reputation as being patient and are often referred to as nanny dogs. They're known as sweet gentle Giants.

The EAGLES are often overlooked but they're sweet sociable fun hounds, smaller in size and are usually under 15 inches tall. The Eagles are happy companions to all, whether old or young and they make great family dogs. They will enjoy playing so they should be given some activity and some structure, but they make great friends for young children and they're usually very good in a home.

Remember LASSIE COLLIES make great pets and are generally very good with small children. They're a herding breed which makes them a little bit more active but they're fiercely loyal, kind and are usually about 22 to 26 inches tall and they can be a little bit higher in energy than some other dogs. However, they're known as friendly Companions and they're great with small kids.

It’s important to remember that sometimes your best choice may not be a purebred at all, but it may be a mutt from a rescue that was previously living in a home with small children. If you can find a dog that has lived with small children and has been around them and has done well with them that might be your best option.

Most importantly, the safety of your children and your family must be your number one concern before you get a dog and after you get a dog, I always caution people never leave an unknown dog alone with a small child, neither leave a dog alone with a child if you think there might be an issue. Your child should be your number one concern. Teach your children to respect dogs and to be kind to animals. I think this is one of the reasons you may want to bring a dog into your family. Also, do not forget to give your dog some structured training to help give them acquire the skills to survive .


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