Best Cat Breeds for First Time Owners

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You love cats. Otherwise, you wouldn't be reading this. But if this your first time, these breeds were made for you.

Best Cat Breeds for First Time Owners

There is a cat out there for everyone, allergic to cat dander? Try a hypoallergenic Russian Blue, want a hairless cat? Get a Sphynx. But if this is your first cat baby, it can be a bit overwhelming in deciding which breed is best for you especially if you haven't had a cat until now. But rest assured, there is a kitty waiting out there for you too. Below is a list of verified cat breeds made for first-time owners by

Maine Coon

Considered one of the oldest cat breeds native to North America, Maine Coons are considered friendly, social, and very outgoing cats and make amazing travel partners if you are one to wander. Some Maine Coons might even let you walk them on a leash and even play fetch!


If curiosity really does kill the cat, then it's a miracle that the Siamese cat is still here. But this breed is very smart, fun, and is considered to be good for first-time owners because, in terms of grooming and cleaning, not much effort is needed except for an occasional combing since they have a very short coat. Just trim their nails and keep their teeth clean and this cat will love and adore you. Be warned though, these love to talk!

American Shorthair

This cat makes up ninety-five percent of all cats in the United States and comes in eighty colors and patterns, and is the pedigreed version of the Domestic Shorthair. This breed is perfect for first-time owners who want low grooming maintenance, an independent but still loving and social cat to play and cuddle with. Another thing that makes this cat so great is that they are less susceptible to disease so it will spare your wallet on those Vet bills!

Scottish Fold

These cats are obviously unique, they are known for the selective breeding mutation of ears folded inward, giving them an earless appearance and make their eyes look round and wide. These cats are notoriously curious and very loyal to their family members and enjoy playing complex games with them. If your heart is big and you're looking for a loving cat to fill it, this breed is for you!


They're wrinkly and hairless, but they are loved and great for first-time owners who don't want to deal with shedding and for those allergic to animal fur. These cats are one of relaxation, they love curling up in their cat sweaters with their owners on cold winter days and love basking in the living room under the suns rays during the summer. If you want a laid back but loving breed, go for the Sphynx.


A cat that melts in your lap. Enter the Ragdoll cat, this breed is best for first-time cat owners for children because of its friendly demeanor, but still, make sure your little ones grab hands don't tug or pull anywhere. This cat is one of the simple gameplay like chasing the laser pointer and the feather and string game. When the day is done, they will insert themselves on you for some snuggling and cuddling.

Exotic Shorthair

Want the face of a Persian cat but not the groom maintenance? The Exotic Shorthair is that and much more. A friendly and more upbeat than its famous cousin, this cat enjoys a grooming session once in a while but also enjoys play and interaction with its owners so its made for owners who want that exotic touch, and playmate too.

That's the list! Remember that there is a breed out there for all cat lovers, whether your just starting your cat family or making room for one more.

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