Benefits of Adopting an Animal

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Adopting an animal can really benefit your life, the animal’s life, and the community.

Benefits of Adopting an Animal

Many people worry that adopting an animal will be too hard on their lifestyle and take up too much time and effort. You would be surprised just how great having an animal can be despite some of their difficulties.

1. To start, you’ll save a life!

If you adopt from a shelter, you can save many animal lives. Not only will you save them from possible euthanization but when you do purchase the animal, it gives more money to the shelter that they can use on food and supplies for the rest of the animals. Not to mention shelters are a fairly cheap way of getting an amazing pet!

2. You can avoid supporting puppy mills.

Adopting from a shelter you can avoid buying from bad animal breeders. Many puppy mills just churn out puppies for the money whether they are sick or not. There are lots of places that don’t check the background of where the animals came in and if it was from a good, legal, environment. Adopting from a shelter can avoid any kind of puppy mill support.

3. Having an animal can teach responsibility.

Especially for kids. Having to take care of them, clean up after them, and train them, it can teach children a lot of responsibility. If the child wants it to be THEIR dog, then they have to work for that and take care of THEIR dog.

4. Relieves stress.

Animals can immediately turn anyone’s day better. Imagine coming home from a long stressful day at work or school and having a little cuddle bug waiting for you and expects nothing but love. Animals are known to be able to relieve stress, lower blood pressure, and ease pain. Just for being around!

5. They help socialize.

Just having a pet gives more people the opportunity to socialize than people who don’t have a pet. Just walking outside with your dog is bound to strike up conversation with someone interested. It’s also a great conversation topic!

“You have a dog? I do too! Here look at this picture. Isn’t she just the cutest?”

You can boast all day about your animal and not many people will complain.

6. They save lives.

Animals are keen to sensing when something is wrong. There are so many instances where an animal could tell their owner was about to have a problem or isn’t having a problem and get help. Even without being a trained service dog many pets have the skill and smarts to know what to do.

As well as with kids too. They can be great babysitters. They know when to be gentle and some animals are able to get the parents attention when the child is in need of help.

7. They keep you fit.

Many dogs need lots of exercise so taking the time to go play with them keeps you from lounging around the house all day and can be a pretty good encouragement! Some people have dogs just for this reason and love to go on runs and play in the park with them.

8. Keep you less lonely.

If your living alone, it can get quite quiet at times and even a little unnerving. Having a pet around will always let you have a friend to keep you company. Even better it’s a friend who doesn’t talk and revolves around what you need!

9. They actually can improve the immune system.

Having animals around who bring germs from in and outside and around can actually help you build an immune system to many things. It’s also allows young children to avoid having allergies as they grow because they are already used to having an animal around. It’s said that a household with animals tends to be more healthy and have a better attendance to work and school than those who’s don’t.

10. It improves mental health.

Animals can keep you happy and can help avoid falling into depression. Anxiety ridden people also can take a lot of comfort out of having an animal they know they can count on. They are great at knowing when someone is upset and needs comfort. Some people will stick themselves in bed for a second long as they can when they feel like this but having an animal forces them to have to get up and do things which is good for them.

This was 10 reasons why adopting an animal can be beneficial. Not only does it help the community of animals in shelters, but it can improve home life in so many ways. Much of the benefits outweigh the cost of some of the little struggles.

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