Behind the Eyes of Humans

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The Truth of Kennels and Euthanasia

Behind the Eyes of Humans
Dog Looking Out from his Kennel

1.5 million. This number represents the approximated whole of shelter animals euthanized each year, in the United States of America alone. This gruesome representation does not come close to demonstrating the amount of cruelty exerted, nor should it have to be thought of, and, in the case of it being necessary to be thought of, be ignored by a large majority of humans.

Firstly, out of the topics brought to attention in the opening paragraph, I would like to talk a little bit more about the lack of knowledge and education that we, as humans, get in school (in most areas), at work (in most job positions), and in our society/community about animals, their sufferings, and lives. For example, few of us knew what that number meant at the top of the page, although euthanasia is a very common topic among humans and animals and occurs often, regardless of the fact that many debates currently exist arguing about the existence of euthanization (in this case, self-assisted suicide), when it should be an option, etc. When we walk into an animal shelter or kennel, most of us will be oblivious to the fact that in that building, many animals have and are scheduled to die there. When we go to buy from a pet store, we don't realize that we could have adopted from a shelter and saved a life of a very deserving animal, because these facts that I'm demonstrating to you in this article are hidden from us.

These undeserving creatures are killed "humanely" for many reasons, including lack of space in the kennels and shelters, and, of course, for what we call "unacceptable behaviour." As this issue is related to the pit bull ban in Montreal, many people have their own opinions, and I am absolutely not afraid to say that I find it absolutely outrageous. The problem is the following: thousands of animals are being euthanized after "acting out" in the presence of humans. Some may debate that these animals are "made to hunt" or that killing remains "in their blood/genetics." This may be true in moderation; some breeds are guard or hunting breeds, but I stand firmly in believing, with good reason and valid proof, that the owners should be held responsible. After all, owners are a very large influence on our pets, especially if they (being the pets) are very influenceable, like in the case of dogs and some others. In these cases, I like to try to explain my point of view in the following way: if a child, with an underdeveloped neurological system (referring to the brain), hit their parent or an invited guest, they would be punished. Not killed. I do not want to send out an image that I do not believe in behaviourism, as behaviourism itself supports my general idea mentioned before: that it is not the animal's fault. I do, however, want to make it clear that I do not believe in death as a penalty. On the case of animal euthanization, the death penalty is frowned upon in many locations globally in the case of humans, and it is to my belief that this should be applied not only to humans but animals too. After all, what valid reasons do we have to value human lives over those of animals? Referring to common beliefs that Homo Sapiens are superior as they are more intelligent, I would respond that they, in fact, are the cause of most of the world's dilemmas. In conclusion of the preceding point, I would like to say that I find it ridiculous that the human species would have the luxury of continued life after committing a crime and that a canine, committing a smaller and less violent one, because he wasn't trained well enough, would be murdered.

As Alexander Hamilton has said: "Those who stand for nothing fall for everything." I, for one, am not willing to be silenced simply because of controversy, so I shall stand in my position, regardless of the opinions of others. I believe that this injustice in our modern system must be immediately adjusted, and I am not afraid to act accordingly to my beliefs and visions of what our nation should resemble.


- ASPCA, "Shelter Intake and Surrender," Pet Statistics, [Online],, (page consulted: 1st of October 2018)

Madison Page
Madison Page
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