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Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice

by A. L. Meade 8 months ago in dog
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A fussy boy dresses up for Halloween

Teddy as Beetlejuice

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! He’s the ghost with the most, babe. It’s Teddy! Teddy here is dressed as the one and only Beetlejuice, and this was halloween circa 2018. Let me set the scene for you, it was a beautiful day and I had just gotten off work on a Friday at 2pm. I picked up my daughter from school and we quickly ran home to pack the car up, Teddy joining us in the car last, riding shotgun. Teddy doesn’t mind car rides so he usually just sits there like a good boy in the passenger seat. So we are hitting the road. We’re driving through town, we have almost three hours to go to get to my dads house and suddenly, out of no where it seemed, there’s lights flashing behind me. I pulled over and the policeman walks to my window. Teddy is going absolutely ballistic. He is furiously barking at the police man, he’s snarling his teeth, he’s growling and I’m embarrassed and trying to push him as far into the passenger door as I can get him to go. The officer is asking me if I know why he pulls me over and I apologize because I really didn’t know. He explains that I had accelerated too quickly leaving town and I’m still apologizing as Teddy is trying to literally try anything he can to get to this cop outside my window and rip his face off (figuratively, of course). I’m kind of laughing and trying to apologize and trying to explain that no, my dog isn’t really this mean, he’s just really protective and he’s actually really nice, I swear. My daughter Coda asked to have her window down to say hello to the policeman and so I put the window down and he says hello to her and asks Coda if he should give me a ticket. To which she replies, “Yes!” I am now even more red faced and my arms are exhausted from trying to hold back my 41 pound Australian Shepherd in the passenger seat acting like a 100 pound Doberman trained in the K9 police academy. The officer at this point is laughing too and let’s me off with a warning and we finally hit the road for the Halloween party. There are so many treasured memories I have of that Halloween. And I always love that my dog acts like a giant crazy, malicious, psycho because he is just protecting me and my family. If there are proper introductions all around he immediately stops barking and rolls over for tummy pets. Teddy is all bark and no bite. I was so happy to get to my dads house. What a day it has been already. I couldn’t wait to try Teddy’s outfit on him. I remember I had just gotten it in the mail the day before and hadn’t gotten a chance to try it on him yet. There is a matching Beetlejuice wig that went with this charming black and white striped suit, complete with the tie, but Teddy quite literally flipped his wig. Teddy is a very picky boy and will not let anything be on his head and I am honestly surprised I was able to get him to wear this suit for an hour or two even. But WHAT IS that? Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!! There were TWO of us! That’s right! Teddy and I had a matching couples costume! I was twinsies with my doggo. We were a hit at the party that year and everyone got such a kick out of Teddy and I matching. Everyone was even more surprised that my dad had let Teddy join us. I got more comments about that almost. The really scary part of this story and that particular Halloween was honestly my dad in the end. He is somewhat like a real life super villain because get this- He doesn’t like dogs- and he’s always made that very clear to me my whole life. This Halloween party in 2018 was almost more of a giant victory for me because he had agreed to let me bring my dog along as I didn’t have anyone to watch him that weekend. He told me he strictly had to be in his kennel but that very night when I had arrived at his house, just as I anticipated, I pulled out our matching costumes and told him we had an extra guest coming to the party. I tried very unsuccessfully a few different times to secure the wig to his knobby little Shepherd head but he was just absolutely not having it. The suit and tie combo went a little more smoothly because it’s easier to wrestle a dog and get him into a suit than to wrestle a dog and get a wig on him. You would swear that that dog had hands as fast as he got that wig off. I couldn’t even get one picture with Teddy in the wig. It was a super cute Beetlejuice wig too, it was grey and crazy and it would’ve been so fun but we managed without and everyone still knew who Teddy was supposed to be. The Halloween party of 2018 was a lot of fun. It took me atleast an hour to do my makeup and another hour almost to do my hair. Surprisingly when we were at my dads house he did kind of pet Teddy sometimes and he let him be out in the house out of his kennel. Maybe his heart isn’t that spooky after all. Teddy has not dressed for Halloween since that year sadly. Two years ago I got him a pair of bug wings to wear and he wrestled right out of those immediately. The Halloween where Teddy was Beetlejuice was the most memorable because I don’t think I’ll ever get my dog into another Halloween costume again!


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