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Animal Slavery

by Cynthia Perez 4 years ago in humanity

Free the animals!

Animals everywhere are becoming extinct thanks to us human beings taking away their homes, stealing their fur, meat, horns, heads, feet, teeth, etc. Animal cubs are abducted from their mothers and fathers so they can entertain our humanly race in circuses, zoos, and parties. Something many people look past is their hurt and cries for help. Killer whales are loving creatures, and so are lions, tigers, and elephants. News goes all over the web talking about "killer whale drowns trainer" or "gorilla takes hold of a child" and the captors of those animals kill those creatures only because they have had enough of all the "watch what we trained them to do" acts.

The death zoo is one of the most disturbing places where animals suffer to their deaths and begin rotting away in their cages. Would you pay money to watch animals die? Would you like to see a pet rotting in a cage? No, I doubt you would want that. I highly doubt you would hate it if people paid to watch you dying and rotting away in a cage, so what's different with even an animal? Nothing! Animals are like a hairy version of a human, so why do we treat them like monsters? We should treat them like humans, not toys.

Wild cats, Sharks, Bears, etc., are all killed because they are seen as dangerous beings in nature. The reason why those creatures attack a human is because humans invade their land, their territory, and their space. Ever heard the phrase of "don't poke momma bear with a stick?" When you go near a bear cub, the mother's instincts kick in and they try protecting their baby. If you were a wild animal in nature, would you like it if someone or something tried getting your baby? Going to take it from you, kill it to sell, eat, or use for clothing? Ask yourself that. Would you like it if you were an animal and you got killed for trying to protect your cub from a hunter who thought you were going to eat him when, in reality, you were just standing in front of your baby so it could be shielded away from the human?

Most makeup companies and most scientist use small animals to test out their products so they make sure it's not harmful to humans. Most of the animals they use end up deformed or left dead. Rabbits, mice, cats, dogs, and probably even birds are all suffering just to save your life and keep you from getting swollen, or getting your brain scrambled.

Animals are intelligent like us! Animals live like us! Animals risk their life for their children like us! Animals make mistakes like us! Animals are us! Animals are not monsters! We human beings are the monsters. We make innocent creatures suffer for our own satisfaction! We starve them, hit them, some people even kill them just to see the light leave their small little eyes.

Wild creatures aren't the only ones who are suffering in this world. Dogs, cats, hamsters, any household pet around the word are being abused, killed, abandoned, and even some sexually assaulted! My sister and I were in the car, she was driving to her friend's house, and there on the road was]]ere two dead dogs, but when my sister drove back down that same road, we saw that it was actually one dog cut in half and was just left there, the half with the head was on the street and the other half on the side of the road. Can you imagine that? A man's best friend just sliced in two and just thrown out like garbage on the road where everyone can see. Have you heard of a fetish called crush? If you haven't, then it's about a phobia that gives pleasure when a person watches something getting crushed. For example, women stepping on a cat while wearing heels. Animals get stomped on for sexual pleasure! What kind of a sick being will pay women to stomp on a kitten, a puppy, bunny, any little animal just to satisfy his needs?

Stop hurting the animals! Stop using them as experiment dummies! End all the sexual assaults on them! Let them be free with their packs, with their cubs, and with themselves. Animals deserve more freedom than humans do, so please stop the abducting and abusing.


Cynthia Perez

I'm a music lover, I love animals, I'm a giggly person

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Cynthia Perez
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