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Advantages and Disadvantages of Indoor Cats

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By Garrett YamasakiPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

Cats are by far the most popular pet in America, and yet it is also true that there are advantages and disadvantages for our indoor feline pets. Sometimes they are the sweetest pet that you can own and sometimes they are sassy critters that choose not to listen to you.

Pet lovers often debate whether animals make good pets or not. Animal lovers argue that cats provide companionship and love. The question of whether cats make good pets slightly ridiculous, because the answer is yes they make outstanding pets. However, there are always some downsides to owning a cat.

Indoor cat ownership is actually very convenient, and people do not even have to think twice about it. We do not need to worry about leaving them out in the cold, not knowing if they will make it. We can simply leave them in the house, and they will not be able to complain when the weather is bad outside. Cats are very hardy and can survive well in the indoors as long as they have adequate stimulation.

Also, many cat owners choose indoor cats for the simple reason that they live in an apartment or flat and cats can survive in smaller places. Cat's do not necessarily need a big house to survive like dogs do, and can survive perfectly fine in a room or an apartment with proper stimulation. This makes them great pets if you're stuck in a small living situation.

One of the disadvantages of a cat is house cleanliness. Once you get a cat, there is no getting rid of the hair because it is a part of the cat's anatomy. In addition, you'll find hairballs on the floor, potentially fleas, and dirt around the house. It's difficult to keep your house clean. In addition, if you don't provide you cat with stimulation such as a tall cat tree, they may end up destroying your house. Cats of all types are used to roaming outside so keeping them inside a house will require exercise and stimulation to keep them happy.

However, an indoor cat is an excellent cat for a young child, as long as they are old enough to handle the cat. Cats teach kids responsibility since they will need to take care of them by feeding them, filling their water, or disposing of their cat litter. In addition, cats will make a great companion pet that don't need too much attention, but are willing to show you affection and love.

Indoor cats like the Tortoiseshell cat also enjoy coming home and playing with their owners. They enjoy taking walks and even snuggling up with their owners. If you have a cat, you should be able to find plenty of interesting ways to interact with them.

However, a disadvantage is that you may be getting yourself into a conflict with your landlord. While you may be willing to offer your apartment to the cat, you will find that you will not be allowed to leave in your apartment due to pet restrictions from your landlord. Be sure to check your living situation and just know if you move to another place that you may not be able to bring your cat with you.

In addition, a very big problem with cats is the fact that they often destroy indoor plants or surrounding landscaping. They will dig up flowerbeds, potted plants, and will even dig holes in lawns that have been maintained well. In addition, it's likely that they will destroying all your indoor succulents.

For those people who want to add another pet to their household, they have a few more considerations to make. There are advantages and disadvantages to owning a cat and they are all worth considering. Miauland is a great resource for all things cats.


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