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by Cherii C. 10 months ago in adoption

Start adopting, stop shopping.

There are many reasons out there regarding why you should adopt a pet and not buying one. Every day, the number of stray pets and shelter pets are increasing. Pet adoption should be encouraged.

The number of animal shelters are increasing, yet it is never enough to take in all the stray, abused or abandoned animals. Those animals that never gets adopted over a certain period they will be euthanized. They all deserve a good home and a loving family.

I'll tell you why you should adopt a pet!

You're Saving A Life

Every animal in a pet shelter deserve a second chance at life. They're all either have been abused, abandoned or lost. They have no way of helping themselves. As too many pets are coming into the shelter, those that was never being considered for adoption will be euthanized.

By adopting a pet, you're saving them and at the same time, opening up a space for other animals that needed a place.

Adopting Cost You Less

Usually, pets at an animal shelter are neutered and given first vaccination. Sometimes, they're even microchip. All these are included in your adoption price, which is cheaper than you bring it to a Pet Clinic and getting it done.

On top of that, adopted pets are usually well trained. This too, helps you save up from pet training!

You Change the World of a Homeless Animal

Before being adopted, their life is all dark and grey. There was no meaning for them to be alive. With you adopting them, you change their whole world. Giving them not only a good home, but a loving family.

They get to receive love from you and in exchange, you receive their love too! They get to play, sleep, and have zero care in the world because you just changed their life. You turned that sadness into a colorful happiness for them!

You Encourage Others to Adopt

When your friends and family see you adopt a pet, they will want to adopt one too! They will ask you where you get your amazing cute pet from, and all you have to do is to tell them you adopted from an animal shelter.

Next thing you know, they're adopting a pet and it will spread from one to another. Soon enough, majority of pets in the shelter will be adopted to a good loving home.

Vast Option

There are various for you to choose. Their age, color, or maybe appearance. Maybe you'll find great companion in an adult dog or an elderly cat. There are tons of options for you to choose.

Adopting gives you a chance to explore your options and find a pet that truly right for you.

Stop Commercial Breeding

Commercial breeding facilities, also known as puppy mills, are nightmares for animals that find themselves there. Animals there are kept in a cage for their entire life, with no proper nutrition, medical care, companion ship, and with no opportunity to go outside or receive and experience love.

They only have one purpose, and it is to breed whatever trendy, in demand puppy or kitten. They are then shipped off to pet stores or sold online. Puppy mills exist because of demands.


I am sure there are many more reasons out there as to why you should adopt a pet from the pet shelter. But these are some of the main reasons of why you should adopt a pet.

Why buy a pet from the pet store when you can save a life? On top of that, you gain a companion for life, always ready to be there for you and love you.

Let us start spreading awareness for pet adoption. Encourage people to adopt pets from the animal shelter. Let us start adopting and not shop!

Cherii C.
Cherii C.
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