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A Pitbull named Baloo

by Siosiua mafoa 12 days ago in adoption

A life worth saving

Till death do us part

Reminiscing back to my childhood, I can recall having had a few pets growing up. Trooper, a Cocker Spaniel and Poodle mix, was my very first dog. Our paths first crossed at a dog shelter in Utah, when Trooper was already four

years old. It didn't take long for Trooper to become part of the family. 

Many people that had ever encountered Trooper including myself, deffinalty would say that he was a pretty loving and some what obedient dog. In his later years, he did however become alot less social and seemed to lack his unique personality, he deffinalty showed his age in his less youthful days. Still to this day I miss Trooper, but those wonderful years he spent with my family and I, hadn't even scratched the surface of the bond one can devlope with such a loving and caring dog like the bond I have developed with a Pitbull I named Baloo.

  Seems just like yesterday when I first ever laid eyes on Baloo the pitbull, I was making my way home from a friends house when I recieved a phone call on my cell phone. The person on the other end of the call was another friend of mine who was in need of help,asked me if I could jump start the vehicle he was in that had broke down on a street that I wasnt at the time far from. i told him no problem and within maybe twenty minutes I was parked next to my friend and the broken down vehicle.  I retrieved my jumper cables and hooked up the connection between my truck battery and my friends battery. As I stood next to my friend and started to engage in small conversation while the battery charged,I realized that there was another gentlemen that had been with my friend and we quickly introduced ourselves to one another. Not longer after we exchange greetings, this new face suddenly asked me if I was interested in possibley purchasing a dog that he had. My first thought was that I really didn't even know at that moment if I wanted a dog, and deffinalty knew my family at home probably wouldn't appreciate me just coming home that night with some stray dog.  Something made me express otherwise as I asked the man what kind of dog he was speaking about. Without missing a beat he told me the dog was a pitbull and that he actually had the dog in the back of the car we had just brought back to life and went to get the dog and next thing I know I was handed a leash. At the end of the rope was a dog, but not just any dog, this pitbull was seemingly hours away from death. His ribs were completely visible from every angle I saw. He wasnt shaking or making any indications of what I could clearly see was a dog who was beyond starved and dehydrated, but hope for life was clearly no longer in him. I stared for a moment at the pitbull as anger started to fill my heart. My facial expression must have painted an identical image to what I was starting to feel towards what he had done to this dog and suddenly he had no price in mind, he uncomfortably blessed me with this poor dog, considering there was no me giving him the dog leash back to him, period. I parted ways without saying a word to my friend or his company.  I had to physically lift my new dog into my truck because he had not one ounce of strength left in him to even attempt to climb into the truck. I rushed to the store for dog food and water. While still in the parking lot of the store, I had to pace the poor animal as he devoured two large sums of dog food , and a large bottle of water, only after he threw up the first time.  Finally after letting his stomach settle and he no longer could keep his up , did I take him home. After more thoroughly analyzing his complete physical appearance, I realized that this dog wasnt just completely malnourished, this dog  had every one of his nails cut down to if not beyond the nerves in his nails, he had a Harry Potter lighting bolt scare above one of his eyes from some type of physical abuse,aswell as ticks all over his body. This dog had given up on life and would have never woken up had he slept another night under his previous owners watch. As much anger and hate that was put in my heart that night, soon turned into a new found love for this poor dog , whom that night was no longer just a dog, he was Baloo my new found pitbull son.

  To this day I'm thankful I have Baloo and to this day he shows nothing but thankfulness and unconditional love.

Trooper will forever be in my memory and heart, but Baloo showed me a bond that I would have never known existed had i never crossed his path.  Now until forever he will be known as Baloo Mafoa.

Siosiua mafoa
Siosiua mafoa
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Siosiua mafoa
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