A Perfect Guide to All-Breed Dog Grooming

Caring for your dog

What would be your first impression be If you're walking down the street or in the countryside and see a dog with matted hair, scruffy and unkempt? You would often regard the owner of that dog to be irresponsible and less caring; you would more than likely avoid any communication or contact. I for one would not like to be looked at as someone who just does not care about my faithful friend and companion. Surely it would be better that you give regular care to your pet and be mindful of the things that are needed to keep your dog in good shape, happy, healthy, well-fed, and a companion for years to come.

One of the most exciting experiences in having a dog is spending time physically with him or her, taking for playful walks & runs but also making him or her look and feel wanted, for some, dog grooming is a daunting task to somehow fit in with a very busy working life, particularly if you live alone.

The thought of having to cut, trim, bathe, nail cut & brush the dog regularly, depending on the type of dog you have, fitting into your personal busy schedule will take time and patience. If you are career-minded you may not have the time to do all this yourself, it’s sad to say that in some instances, but necessary that the career must come first, after all, in the majority of cases you do have to earn to provide. Consider the following steps to keep your dog in its perfect and groomed condition.

Understanding your dog.

If you previously owned a Labrador and shifted to a Boston terrier, you will have to change your grooming routine.


Different dogs require different grooming techniques. Understand your breed of dog, learn about its history and characteristics, use the information gained to develop a suitable grooming technique for your dog.

Prepare your dog:

There are certain breeds of dogs that need frequent grooming. Some dogs require regular bathing or regular coat brushing. Preparation is key; there is no better way to fail your dog grooming process by not preparing for it, you should be able to plan, prepare, and allocate a time when you can carry out the tasks yourself, why not set a schedule to groom your dog on your own if you feel confident to do so, failing that, take your dog to a dog grooming specialist who would be more than happy to carry out the processes for you.

Invest in your dog

Taking care of a dog can be comparable to taking care of a baby. You do get 4 legs instead of 2 with a little less screaming & nappy washing but do not fail to provide full attention and care to your dog during the first few months. Invest in tools and dog supplies, by tools I mean toenail clippers, brushes, combs, de-matting tools, dryers, shampoo & conditioner, just to name a few. Allocate a budget and invest in the above grooming equipment. Adding your all-important time will ensure that you keep your dog healthy & happy.

Learn :

Grooming is ongoing for your dog, you should constantly improve your knowledge, try to learn more about the techniques for your particular breed on how to properly groom and care for your dog. Take a look at books or read articles, search on-line for helpful tips about how to groom your dog. If you reside in the UK, there are plenty of helpful books by the R.S.P.C.A. I would suspect that other countries have similar organisations on animal welfare and will have a host of information for you either on-line or in a hard copy format.

All the above constitutes one thing and that is: taking good care of your favourite pet. You have to remember that the characteristic of the owner can manifest on the way the dog is groomed. Many dog owners would agree to this and as mentioned above it's easy to spot if a dog has been mistreated or not looked after in a normal pet-loving way.

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