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How Canela Rescued Us All In the End

By Colleen FlanaganPublished 6 months ago 5 min read
Canela & the author during a video session

Neglected, chained outdoors, living under a dilapidated patio chair, repeatedly raped then pregnant and alone, it’s a wonder Canela had ANY affection for humans. But she did.

And she became a family legend.

We all loved my sister’s rescue dog, a smart Chihuahua-Dachshund mix whose sad past never dampened her spirited personality. Sis named her spicy new friend “Canela”, Spanish for cinnamon.

This exceptionally polite canine soul never jumped up without invitation nor forced her attentions on anyone, but she loved a good belly rub. My sister began bringing the cheerful pup to family gatherings. Canela had an unusual habit of selecting one person to sit next to, often our ailing Mom. We all felt better with this precious pup in the room.

Canela Reveals Her Interspecies Chat Ability

Imagine my surprise when during a family event, this little dog trotted up to me, sat between my feet, then pointedly stared into my eyes. The intensity of her gaze almost knocked me off my chair.

Some folks would think this was a coincidence or some canine behavioral mystery. After years of doing animal communication with horses, cats, dogs and wild animals, I knew why she was there.

Canela had crucial interspecies information to share. I prayed I was able to connect and hear her thoughts.

First I had to make a heart connection to her, open an interspecies communication channel. I told her I loved her, and was grateful for her request. I then imagined my heart opening like a flower, sending green heart energy to her. In return I felt her heart open wide and connect to mine. (Dear reader, YOU can do this too!)

I almost wept at the purity and beauty of the energy flowing between us. I relaxed my mind, focused on being present to clairvoyantly accept Canela's pictures and clairaudiently hear her words.

This wise canine told me, “Heal others”. She shared mental pictures of herself sitting next to humans or at their feet, radiating vibrations of unconditional love and well being. “Love heals,” she reminded me.

Then came the weirdest request I'd ever heard from an animal: Canela wished to make educational videos with me to help animals relieve their emotional distress. I telepathically asked her how she knew I made videos. She replied that she saw the pictures in my mind, and knew I'd helped many animals via my years of pet rescue volunteerism.

I shared these revelations with my sister, who grinned then replied, “I didn’t know she was such a diva!”

On a "video day" this darling dog would follow me around Mom's house, tail furiously wagging with delight. One morning she patiently sat outside the bathroom door to remind me, as I freshened my makeup, that she was eager to make our next video. I'd sit in a chair and she'd jump into my lap, much to my sister's surprise. Canela was elderly and could barely climb onto the sofa at home. But she was always energized for our videography.

My sister filmed Canela and I as we made three videos at my mom's house. (YouTube links at end of this article.)

Healing Human Grief

We eventually had to move Mom into an assisted living facility. My sister and I tackled the traumatic task of cleaning out mom's home to prepare it for sale.

At one point, Sis and I became overwhelmed at the never-ending clutter we found stashed in every closet and cupboard. I suggested we do an emotional release mini-session to relieve our distress.

We stood in Mom's bedroom, clearing our emotions by running our hands in an arc from in front of our mouths over the top of our heads down the back to our necks, while repeating clearing statements like, "I now let go of this resentment, anger, and impatience about cleaning this house."

Canela sauntered into the room, tilting her head with curiosity. By that time, Sis and I wept as our grievous emotions were released and healed.

My doggy niece flipped over on her back, head pointed in our direction, watching (upside down) us waving our hands in an arc to clear our pain. Canela moved her front legs in imitation of us, panting at the effort, a determined look in her eyes to join our healing session. Sis and I switched from crying to cackling at the small furry healer imitating us to trigger our laughter. Canela healed our pain that day.

Canela’s Christmas Gifts

The last Christmas we all spent together was at our mom's assisted living apartment. I left the door to the facility hallway open a crack to get some fresh air into Mom's rooms. Canela rarely left my sister's side for any reason so we figured it was safe. But that day she wandered away.

Frantic with worry, my sister and I searched the facility, terrified the dog would run outside and be hurt or taken. We found her in the lobby, tail wagging to beat the band, welcoming the incoming guests who’d driven there to see their elderly loved ones on Christmas Day. Canela pranced alongside the visitors, ushering them through the lobby, spending extra time socializing with dog-friendly wheelchair-bound residents.

My sis apologized to the front desk employee for the dog being loose. The young lady reassured us, “No problem, everyone loves her.” Visitors and residents alike released their holiday stress via petting this canine ambassador of goodwill and healing. We tried to lead her on a leash back to Mom's place, but Canela planted her four paws on the floor, refusing to go. She stared at me and I heard, "Not done. Much healing left."

Canela crossed the Rainbow Bridge at age 13 two years ago but her spirit visits me often. She continues to suggest video topics to help animals and the humans who love them.

As I finish this story to honor her work on Earth, Canela's energetic self is sitting on my feet, projecting love and wellness. Can you feel it too?

Canela’s YouTube Videos

Trauma Relief for Rescues & Adopted Pets

How to Rebalance Older Pets' Energy Systems

Three Epic Animal Communication Tips

Thank you, bless you for reading my post! Please visit my Amazon Author page to learn more about healing yourself, human and animal loved ones.

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