8 Ways to Keep Your Dog Happy

by Stacy Crutchfield 4 months ago in dog

Keeping your dog happy isn't hard it just takes thought, a little planning and action.

8 Ways to Keep Your Dog Happy

So, you are a dog parent. Just like any parent, you want to do what you can to keep your dog happy. Here are 8 ways to be the coolest dog parent possible.

Toy Trials

You have walked the dog toy aisles a 100 times looking for the perfect toy for your dog. Like any parent, you want to give your kid a toy box full of toys. You read the age and breed appropriateness on each toy. You wonder if it's made well enough, so they don't get choked on it. You have already bought every toy imaginable soft, hard, quiet, noisy and crunchy. In the end, your dog will tell you which toy they like. It may not be the coolest looking one or your favorite, but that doesn't matter. It's about what they like. When you discover the perfect toy, you may consider buying a backup just in case.

Water Play

The summer heat can be hard on your dog, but taking them to a pond or lake may not be convenient. Depending on your dog's breed and personality, they may love the sprinkler every afternoon. A kiddie pool is another great option. Dogs love to splash around in a pool to cool off. It takes a little extra effort on your part to let them get wet and deal with the cleanup, but the joy it will bring your pooch will make it all worthwhile.


Goodness knows we can all use some playtime; dogs are no exception. Playing with your dog on a daily bases will be fun for you both, but it will also exercise your dog. Playing fetch or hide and seek will also engage them mentally.


Walking is a favorite pastime for most dog breeds; it allows them to get out of their usual surroundings to see what's on the other side of the fence. You may even find if you say the word walk or pick up their leash, they get excited. Going on a walk is also an excellent way for them to meet other dogs and people. If you have an active dog going on a walk will burn off extra energy, plus you will benefit from the exercise as well.

Road Trip

Dogs love to go on road trips even if it's to nowhere. If it's too hot or cold to take a walk, a great option to get your dog out and about is a ride in the car. Be safe about it but roll that window down and let then stick their head out the window and their ears fly. They love to smell all the new smells and see all the new sites just like we do.


Let your dog, puppies especially, chew on stuff. Provide them with safe things to destroy. Let them go to town on a stick or toy; it is in their nature to chew and gnaw. If you find your puppy chewing on the wrong thing like your shoe, take it away and replace it with an appropriate chew toy.


Teach your dog a new trick. Dogs love to learn new things; they also love to make their parents happy. Engage their mind by teaching them a new trick. Which, as you know, is a good thing. It can be as simple as sit or rollover. Make sure to pick a trick you are comfortable teaching and is age and breed appropriate.


Netflix? You read that right. Don't forget to just hang out with your dog. Downtime is just as necessary as playtime. Being a couch potato and watching Netflix together while they snuggle up to you is a fantastic thing. Plus, they don't care what you watch.

Keeping your dog happy and being a good dog parent isn't hard. It just takes paying attention to what your dog likes and having the willingness to commit the time to build a relationship. For more dog tips and tricks, check out Preferable Pups Blog and Furzly. They are hands down the authority in all things dogs.

Stacy Crutchfield
Stacy Crutchfield
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