6 Air Conditioning Tips for Pet Owners

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Protect your AC unit and your pets

6 Air Conditioning Tips for Pet Owners

Living with pets is like having an infinite bank of happiness that brightens every household. They give us comfort, unconditional love, and make us laugh with their random antics. However, having furry babies also means pet hair and dander everywhere. Yup, also on your beloved clothes. Before you know it, the vacuum cleaner is already your best armour. That's also when you'll know that you should stock more lint rollers and refills.

On the other hand, furs and an air conditioning Sydney unit is not an impossible tandem. Although at times, your pet's hair can clog your filters and ducts which, in the worst-case scenario, can cause malfunction to your aircon, there are a few simple preventive ways to avoid this from happening. You can simultaneously protect the comfort of your family, your pets, and your aircon by following these six tips.

Bathe and groom your pets regularly

What might look like a little too much shedding for you might be normal for your pets. But it can also be from stress, poor nutrition, or a medical problem. If this happens, you should immediately consult a vet. Meanwhile, studies say that one of the most effective solutions to minimise shedding is regular bathing and grooming. Purchasing a specific type of brush for your pet also helps. Maintaining this routine with your everyday vacuum cleaning would ensure that your air conditioning unit won't be clogged by fur and dander.

Change your air filters regularly

When you have indoor pets and an air conditioning unit, fur shedding and pet dander can clog your air filter which later on leads to decreased airflow. Thus, your aircon has to work harder which could suddenly hike up your energy bills. If your filter is contaminated, the quality of air flowing through your home could be full of dust and allergens. The good news is, you can easily avoid this if you change your air filters regularly. But how do you know when its time to change your air filter? What are the signs that tell you its time? The key is to get a good recommendation from your aircon experts or do some basic research to pick the best filter for your unit.

Clean your air ducts and other ventilation

Other ventilation in your home should also be cleaned regularly because pert hair often finds its way into your vents and air ducts. If it becomes clogged, viruses and bacteria can breed in there which will, later on, pollute the air in your house. Other issues could also suddenly arise when you least expect it and can even become costly repairs in the future.

Move your AC unit to a higher place

If you have indoor pets, make sure to put your AC unit to a higher place where they can't reach it because when unsupervised, your furry friend might urinate on your unit that can cause component deterioration. The cables and cords should also be protected as they might chew on them. So, to protect both your pets and your AC unit, just make sure all your other appliances are all safe from their grasp.

Install an air purification system

Many families who have household pets are now installing an air purification system to ensure cleaner air within their homes. It can also help in removing odour, pet hair and other dirt particles that might cause common cold and virus causing bacterias. This would also make your AC unit's work a little easier and can focus on giving you the cold or hot air that you need.

Schedule regular AC check-ups

To ensure the optimum performance of your AC unit, regular check-ups with your trusted expert should also be maintained. This preventative maintenance prolongs the life of your aircon and saves you from sudden repair costs. Make sure to not skip it.

Keeping your home free of allergens and dust ensures comfort for your family. But since you are a fur parent, you have to make the extra effort of maintaining your air conditioning unit free of your pet's hair and dander. And if you're worried about the condition of your AC, make sure to contact an expert.

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