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5 winter nutrition tips to consider for your dog's well being

Are you looking for winter feeding tips for your dog to stay healthy and active during the cold weather? As we all know winter months are upon us and the change in the season brings a host of alterations in our pets’ lifestyles and nutrition requirements.

By Rea SetiaPublished 2 years ago 2 min read
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You cannot feed them the same as you used to in summers or monsoons. In fact, dogs need more calories to keep themselves warm in chilling temperatures. Hence, it becomes imperative to watch their intake and do some necessary modifications in their eating habits to have them enjoy winters healthily.

In this write-up, we have covered the most beneficial dietary essentials for your canine pal to consider in the cold weather.

Top 5 dog nutrition tips for pet parents to follow this winter.

1. Watch the treats

Pay attention to what your dog is eating. If you don’t want your pet to laze the winter away then you must focus on reducing empty carbs and cut down table scraps. Vets suggest that you can consider healthier low-calorie options as an alternative when you are unable to stop treats or reduce overindulging of the dog.

2. Reduce festive toxins

The winter season has its list of festivities and holidays. And, there are many harmful human foods around during these times that can be toxic for your pet. Make sure to prevent your dog from eating chocolates, nuts, and sweets as these food items can make them very sick. Some reputed vets on both offline and online pet consultations emphasise the need to take care of your dog’s intake of human foods to avoid any mishaps.

3. Pay attention to coat health

The one thing keeping your pet snug and protected in this season is their coat. The coat’s health is directly impacted through the food they eat. If your dog has food allergies then it becomes imperative for you to keep tabs on what they are consuming. As the wrong nutrition can make their coat thin and weak. This will eventually make your pet ill in low temperatures. You can confirm the allergic reactions by consulting a vet and performing certain tests.

4. Keep your pet hydrated

The winter season can get dry, so it’s likely that your dog may experience dehydration. Make sure to always keep a water bowl during the cold months out in the open or near your dog’s kennel. This will lure them or the dog will drink it whenever thirsty. If you still feel that your pet is getting less water, add some to their food and ensure they get enough hydration.

5. Manage their calorie intake

If your dog is proactive in winters and loves to roam around then consider serving them high-calorie foods. You can do so by increasing the number of mealtimes. If you were feeding your dog once a day earlier then succeed with two to provide enough energy to your pal. But, remember to give them in smaller quantities so that they don’t gulp the whole food in one shot.


As a responsible pet parent, you must incorporate the aforementioned changes in your dog’s diet to make them happy and healthy. Moreover, apart from the above mentioned tips, you should also consider regular exercise, supporting their joints, paying attention to their skin health and keeping an eye on seasonal depression. Keep these points in mind along with the suggested tips to make each moment memorable with your pet and bless them with great growth and survival.

For detailed dietary charts or schedules, you can take an online vet consultation from trusted online websites like Supertails. A comprehensive session with experts will clear your doubts and help in having a perfect nutrition plan for your dog.

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