5 Weird Things Cats Do You Thought They Didn't Do

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Cats, like humans, are each unique; but did you know that they have some pretty bizarre behaviors?

5 Weird Things Cats Do You Thought They Didn't Do

Cats are strange, aloof, crazy creatures at the best of times. They are thought of as independent, untrainable animals unlike dogs, but sometimes that's just not the case. Some first time cat owners might be mistaken on their understanding of cats, because cat behavior isn't black and white, it's a spectrum. Particular breeds shouldn't be taken at face value—each cat has their own unique personality that isn't necessarily fitting to the characteristics of their pedigree.

So, let's go over some weird things cats do that you think they didn't do!

5. Cats can be leash trained!

Yeah, yeah, it's the type of behavior you might see a crazy cat lady do in her nightdress with her hair still in rollers. But cats are much more adventurous on walks than dogs, seeing as they are more agile in climbing. Albeit, not all cats are going to want to go on walks. Just like dogs, it's better if you train them from kittens to be comfortable on a leash. Also, it's incredibly important to get their flea treatments and temper shots if you plan on trying to take a cat on a walk. Make sure you get a harness, not just a collar and leash! Cats can easily elude collars and don't necessarily respond to commands like dogs do. It's better to walk your cat around the yard and away from animals that you suspect will want to chase your cat. Be advised if the cat eats some grass, you'll probably be hearing them vomit it up after the walk.

4. Some cats hump! Even if they're neutered.

Here's one cat behavior I wish I knew before I experienced it. My brother and sister-in-law had to give up their cat, so we took him in. This elderly cat had a strange habit—humping anything he could straddle, including legs, throw pillows, and stuffed animals. Turns out, it's more common than you think in cats. Some researchers pinpoint it to be a thyroid issue if it's a reaction to stress. Otherwise, it might be a territorial claim if the cat lives with other male cats. If you have another female cat, however, it might be prudent to reduce the amount of humping behavior. Toby had a nasty habit of humping throw pillows and climbing on my bed in the middle of the night to hump my leg. So I managed to train him to just hump a stuffed animal. We sadly lost old Toby about five years ago. Even though he was the weirdest cat alive, he is still dearly missed. Rest in peace, you humping weirdo.

3. Cats drool. (No, really, they slobber.)

Our youngest cat, Mischief, likes to curl up next to me and knead my arm while purring like a jackhammer. It's immensely adorable, but he also drools all over me. If your cat is suddenly drooling from no seeming stimuli, be sure to take them to vet to rule out any illness. But in Mischief's case, he was just overjoyed to be petted and cuddled. Any excessive drooling may be a sign of dehydration. Try placing the cat's food away from the water bowl. Cats are still tuned in with their survivor's instinct and in the wild, cats perceived water too close to their food as being contaminated. Cats may also drool when given unpleasant-tasting medicine.

2. Some cats enjoy water.

This is definitely not the go-ahead to throw your Calico into the pool, FYI. If a cat enjoys water, they will enter it willingly. Some cats like to swim and don't mind baths. I unfortunately do not have water-loving felines. They abhor being bathed and we have to do a kind of dry bath where we don't submerge them, even then it's still a hassle. Most of the time, cats despise water because they prefer to groom themselves. Bathing them removes "their" scent away from their fur which is why you'll see them licking themselves furiously after a bath. Eventually, they'll forgive you. When they need food, at least.

1. Cats show love through blinking.

Have you ever looked a cat for a while and they slowly blink their eyes at you? That means that they're showing affection towards you, that they trust you. You can try this as well. Blink slowly at your cat and wait a bit. If they respond with a slow blink, they're letting you know that they feel safe around you. Even just a wink is telling you that they like you and enjoy your company. This may even signal that they'll allow you to pet them or that they want to play.

I hope this has enlightened you to the weird things cats do! Thank for reading this article and I hope you'll tune in for more that I write!

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