5 Ways to Ensure You Have a Healthy and Happy Dog

by Isla Wright 4 months ago in dog

It’s often said that dogs are our best friends—they are loyal and understanding companions that will always be there for us, no matter what.

5 Ways to Ensure You Have a Healthy and Happy Dog

Therefore, it’s only fair that we provide them with as much love and care as possible, and ensure they’re living a good life. The happiness of our furry friends largely depends on their health, and even though they can’t tell us how they feel, their wagging tails and slobbery kisses are good indicators that they’re healthy. To help preserve your canine’s health and keep those slobbery kisses coming, we’re laying out five useful tips for a healthy pup—read on to learn what they are.

Provide them with fresh, clean water and comfortable bedding.

When introducing your pet friend to their new home, you want to make sure they have an area of their own. If you intend to keep your dog inside, make sure there is soft, comfortable bedding they can sleep in and provide them with fresh, clean water. If you’re afraid your furry friend might turn their bowl over, get a bowl made from steel that is heavy enough to stay in place and prevent any spills. In case you’re planning to keep your dog outside, build them a small dog house or leave the doors of your tool shed open—that way, they will always have shelter if it starts raining or snowing, and you can rest assured they’re warm and cozy.

Go for a regular health check-up.

Making sure your pup is in good health is crucial for keeping them happy and active. That is why it’s important to take your dog to the veterinarian at least once a year—the vet will make screening tests and make sure that your pet is healthy from every standpoint. While at the vet, ask them about safe options for controlling internal and external parasites. Parasites often worm their way into our pet’s life unnoticed, but there are some symptoms that can help you determine what is making your dog sick. If your dog is vomiting or losing weight, there is a high chance they have worms. To help your dog recover, consider ordering worming tablets for dogs online—it’s a quick and easy way to fix this common problem and make your dog feel happy and healthy again.

Socialize your dog with other animals.

Just like their owners, dogs seek the company of others. That is why it is important to socialize your dog with other pets and animals. It would be great if you could take your dog to a dog park every once in a while—there, they can play freely, meet other dogs and make friends. You can also organize doggy dates with other people’s pets if you think they’d feel more comfortable in smaller social groups. Another great idea would be to get another pet, preferably a dog—that way, when you’re at work, you can rest assured your pet is not feeling lonely and that he is enjoying playing and running around with their companion.

Decide whether you should neuter or spay them.

This one depends on the owner and whether they can handle the behavioral changes in dogs when they are in heat. Many dog owners don’t like the idea of their pet being neutered, usually because they would like to get puppies one day. However, non-neutered dogs tend to mark the territory by spraying urine, which causes problems for the owners who keep their dogs indoors. Dogs in heat are also more likely to wander away in search for a mate, and often display hormonally influenced aggression towards other males. That is why neutering or spaying dogs is a common practice among many dog owners, and doing so brings a lot of benefits, both to the dog and the owner.

Make sure you feed them high-quality food.

Just like humans, what dogs eat shows on them—the softness of their fur, the quality of their teeth and their overall energy levels are some of the indicators that you’re feeding your dog quality food. Avoid feeding your dog fast food since it will have a negative impact on their overall health. The food you provide for your dog has to be nutritious and rich in proteins, minerals, and omega-3 fats for healthy skin, teeth, and bones. Pay attention to the labels and make sure you’re giving your pet the amount of food that is in line with their age, activity, and overall energy levels.

Providing for your pet’s needs is crucial for maintaining your canine’s physical and mental wellness. Use the tips above to help your dog stay healthy and ensure a lifetime of happiness!

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