5 Tips to Enjoying the Great Outdoors with Your Dog

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5 Tips to Enjoying the Great Outdoors with Your Dog

One of the greatest parts of adventuring outdoors is being able to share your enjoyment with a loved one. If you have a dog, taking your family pet on a journey outside is a fantastic way to bond with your canine friend. There are many factors you should take into consideration when it comes to planning your next trip outdoors with your pet. Keep in mind some of the points listed below when you hit the trails with your dog next to ensure a safe and fun adventure.

Be Mindful of Pet Health

Keep in mind your pet’s health when you go on your next outdoor journey. Ask questions of yourself, such as “How much should my dog weigh?” and “What vaccinations has my dog received?” to help determine what precautions you should take when planning your next outdoor adventure. You will want to keep in mind various factors such as pet weight, food limitations and vaccination concerns if you intend to spend an extended period outdoors with your furry friend. Make sure you pack accordingly before going on a trip outdoors to address issues such as nutritional needs and schedule regular vet visits to keep your dog up to date on vaccinations.

Check Regulations and Policies

If you are intending to bring your dog with you on a hiking or camping trip, make sure you check the regulations and policies of any places you intend to visit. Certain campsites may not allow pets to be present. Others may restrict pets to specific areas or have vaccination requirements. Locate areas that are dog-friendly and make sure you are familiar with the policies they have set in place to ensure a safe and fun environment for everyone. You will want to show consideration to your fellow campers and hikers by preparing to address any messes your dog might make while on the trail. Keep bags on you so that you can collect and dispose of pet waste. You will also want to have a leash on hand regardless of whether you are taking your dog with you on a hiking trip or a bike trail.

Get Your Dog Microchipped

In addition to making sure your dog’s license is up to date, you will want to get your pet microchipped. Having your dog microchipped will act as an additional protective measure in case your pet gets lost. A microchip will contain a unique identifier for your pet that is associated with your name and contact information. If your dog gets lost and ends up at a shelter elsewhere, the shelter may be able to contact you through checking the information that is within the microchip.

Protect Pet Hair and Paws

While exploring the great outdoors, your dog may stumble across some uncomfortable terrain or get caught in prickly foliage. Have proper medicinal remedies on hand in case your dog suffers an injury on his or her paw. You can also look into various protective gear that can be placed over your pet’s paws to help keep them safe while journeying outdoors. Make sure you pack some brushes and combs if you are going on a camping trip. Having a brush or comb on hand will allow you to remove any tangles that are caused from your pet’s fur getting caught in foliage. By regularly combing out your dog’s fur, you will help prevent a huge knot from forming over time.

Prepare for Emergencies

Make sure you are prepared in case an emergency situation takes place. Have a way to contact emergency services for assistance in case either you or your pet sustain significant injury that makes it difficult or impossible to navigate off the trail you are on. You will also want to secure the number of a nearby 24/7 emergency vet. For smaller issues, keep a first aid kit on hand that you can use to address minor cuts and bruises your dog may experience.

Keep in mind the tips listed above to enjoy a fun and safe experience outdoors with your dog.

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