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5 Things New Pet Owners Need to Know

Here are some simple tips new pet owners should know before getting a pet.

By Sasha McGregorPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Bringing home a new pet is a really exciting event. While a new pet is going to be a source of tremendous fun and happiness, taking care of a pet is a big responsibility. It’s important for new pet owners to be aware of what’s involved in taking great care of a pet and what they’ll need to do to keep their pets happy and healthy.

1. Take Your Pet to the Vet for Wellness Exams

Regular trips to the veterinarian are essential to your pet’s well-being. Even if your pet isn’t experiencing any type of health problem, wellness exams can help you stay on top of important vaccinations and catch developing issues early on when they’ll be easiest to treat. It’s best to establish a relationship with a veterinarian who works at a facility where they offer a broad range of care. Make sure your veterinarian offers you and your pet a wide range of services. Your veterinarian should offer services similar to that of Phoenix veterinary hospital. You’ll have access to experienced providers who can meet all of your pet’s needs throughout his or her lifetime.

2. Pay Attention to Your Pet’s Oral Health

Contrary to popular belief, dog’s and cat’s mouths aren’t self-cleaning. They’re susceptible to the same types of dental problems that people are, and pet owners need to make a plan for caring for their pets’ oral health. The sooner in life you get your pet accustomed to brushing, the easier it will be. Use a toothbrush and toothpaste that’s specially made for pets and make it a point to clean your pet’s teeth on a regular basis. You can also give your pet dental treats to help keep teeth clean.

3. Ensure That Your Pet Has Continuous Access to Fresh Water

A pet’s water dish doesn’t need to be refilled only when it’s empty. Your pet’s water needs to be changed several times a day so that he or she will always be able to enjoy fresh water. Dogs and cats have very acute taste and smell, and they’re not interested in drinking flat and stagnant water. Water should be fresh and cold to encourage your pet to stay hydrated. If you have to leave your pet at home while you’re at work, consider getting a pet fountain so that he or she can enjoy fresh and oxygenated water.

4. Every Type of Pet Needs Exercise

While some types of pets need less exercise than others, every breed and age of cat or kitten needs physical activity to be happy and healthy. Don’t take a dog for only quick trips outside. Instead, give your dog the opportunity to take walks with you. Keep your dog engaged and happy with playtime. Likewise, playtime helps cats to stay stimulated, and it promotes good joint mobility and a healthy weight.

5. Good Food Is Hugely Important

Food is a really big deal in the life of any domesticated animal. In order to be happy, a pet has to like his or her food. A lack of interest in mealtime is a big problem. It could be indicative of an underlying health issue that requires medical attention, or it could signify that your pet just doesn’t like the food that you’re giving him or her. Not all pet food is made in the same way. Unfortunately, many big name brands are made with an eye towards the most inexpensive production possible rather than prioritizing quality, your pet’s health, or the food’s taste. Feeding your pet food that’s made with all-natural ingredients and formulated by a veterinarian or animal dietician will help ensure that he or she is getting the vital nutritional content that food should provide. Ask your veterinarian about what type of food your pet should be eating.

Caring for a pet is an awesome and joyous responsibility. Taking great care of your new pet’s physical health with good food, fresh water, and excellent medical care will help assure that your he or she will be happy and healthy with you in all of your years together.

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