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4 Common skin problems in dogs that every pet parent must know

Is your dog always busy scratching, itching, and licking their bodies every then and now?

By Rea SetiaPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

It can be annoying for you to witness this scenario, but imagine how your lovely pet feels! It is no fun for anyone with skin diseases and when it comes to dogs it can be caused due to numerous reasons.

It is one of the common problems observed in dogs by pet parents. Abnormalities such as inflammation, scratching, redness, hair loss, and lumps are some common signs of skin allergies in dogs. From fleas to dandruff and bacterial infections, etc, the skin conditions are many. Don’t you worry, these skin issues can be treated effectively with the help of the right consultation and medications. But, before that, you must be aware of the rooted problems to take optimum care of your pet. Read on to unravel important skin diseases your dog can get unknowingly and suffer.

● Fleas

While wandering around, dogs can easily pick up these tiny hitchhikers. They can even be transferred from one canine to another. Fleas are totally unpleasant and nasty with a host of diseases. The adults can lay eggs that can be dropped off from the pet’s body into your house which eventually infest your home too. No doubt, these can be dangerous for all.

One of the tried ways to remove them is to brush them off over a white sheet. For this use, a quality hair brush such as Andlis Pin Brush has string bristles and firm gaps to comb or brush the hair properly.

● Dandruff

Yes, dandruff can affect dogs too! They can have flaky skin, especially in winters or due to a poor diet. However, along with these, it can be a symptom of underlying skin allergies. Veterinarians can distinguish easily and provide a good solution for flaky skin.

In the meanwhile, you can consider using anti-dandruff shampoos like M-pets Anti-dandruff Shampoo. It is very popular among pet parents due to its reliability, trust and effectiveness in curbing dandruff in dogs. You can try this product if you haven’t before.

● Environmental and food allergies

Some dogs can have allergic reactions to the things present in their surroundings and from the food they eat. Reaction to airborne allergens such as pollen, dust, and dirt can also contribute to causing skin diseases in your pet. If your dog scratches a lot due to itching, it can be a symptom of environmental allergies. Excess scratching can result in wounds.

Healing balms such as Happy puppy organic hemp healing balm can be a good choice to treat wounds effectively. Whereas, food allergies can be because of some foods with usually the same symptoms as environmental allergies. Keep tabs on your pet’s diet to avoid skin problems due to intolerant meals.

● Bacterial infections

Another possible skin disease your pet can get is the bacterial infection. To be clear, infections can be secondary to other causes. For instance, your dog has a skin allergy and itches so much that it causes wounds. These wounds can be easily infected by the bacteria and lead to several other ailments.

Now, there are many kinds of bacterial infections but the most prominent one is folliculitis. It includes infection and inflammation of your pet’s hair follicles. Red swelling, pustules, and inflammation are some common signs of such disease.

Vets can distinguish this skin disease from others through a set of examinations and give you the appropriate medication and regimen to follow for a healthy pet.

Furthermore, you can always attend online vet consultations from acclaimed platforms like Supertails to get better insights on the same. The best part of these sessions is that they do not require a lot of effort and are convenient to attend. Besides, this online store also offers pet’s essentials from top to bottom including the above-mentioned products to serve you the finest.


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