15 Problems Only Equestrians Understand

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You're not alone. :)

15 Problems Only Equestrians Understand

All sports have different things that make them difficult. That being said, most sports don't have "equipment" with a brain of their own... Horses are amazing animals but like us, they all have their quirks.

1. Coming In from the Field Absolutely Filthy

Of course this is always so much worse when you're in a rush (especially if your horse is a light colour ;) )! You rush into the barn and run to gather your belongings, you then head out to the field to see that you previously clean horse is COVERED in dirt. Sound familiar?

2. Turning into a Giraffe When You Approach Them with a Bridle

A crowd favourite for sure! When you walk up to your horse with a bridle all ready for your ride and your horse decides that he'd rather turn into the animal with one of the longest necks ever. That's always fun...

3. Having No Money Because You Spent It All on Your Horse

There is nothing worse then checking your savings account and realizing that you have five dollars left. Sorry guys, can't go shopping today!

4. Trying to Keep Your White Show Shirt Clean

Oh don't you just love it when your usually grumpy, antisocial horse decides that he/she loves you right before you're supposed to go into the show ring and rubs that green drool all over you previously clean shirt? Yeah, me too.

5. Blanket Season

That dreaded time of year when you pull out the god awful blankets and have to awkwardly drape it against your horse in an attempt to put it on. Enough said.

6. Clucking at Everything to Make It Go Faster

*Casually clucks at computer while waiting for it to load.*

7. Trying to Get Good Quality Pictures with Your Horse

Everyone wants a few nice pictures of their horse and themselves to post on social media or put in a frame. Of course that's not always easy. There is most likely going to be a lot of blurry pictures, head flinging, and possibly a bloody lip, but it was all worth it for that one have decent picture you got in your two hour photo session!

8. Being Blinded by Flying Horse Hair During Shedding Season

This is much worse when you're planning to give your horse a quick brush before heading out to the store or a family function...

9. Losing Your Social Life Over Horses

When your friends ask if you want to go out on the weekend and you constantly have to say no and make up a different excuse as to why you can't come, then end up going to the barn instead.

10. Constantly Having Hay Everywhere

Imagine this. You get your horse put away and decide to feed supper hay so you fill up a few wheelbarrows full of hay. Once you finish and climb into your car, you realize that you have hay... everywhere. In your hair, shirt, pants, and boots. That is super fun!

11. Not Being Able to Have Long Nails

This one mostly applies to the female portion of riders, but I've wanted long nails for soooo long and just as they start reaching the length I'm looking for, I get to the barn and end up breaking them...

12. Ice Packed Hooves

One of the many reasons that I hate winter is trying to pick out ice packed hooves. It is literally impossible. Anyone who's had to experience this will understand the pure pain it causes you physically. It honestly breaks your back!

13. Falling off in Wet Weather

Of course no one likes falling off in the first place, but falling off in a wet arena is every riders worst nightmare. Just imagine being covered in mud for the entire ride. Gross!

14. 4 A.M. Mornings

Waking up at 7 is a struggle? Try getting up at 4 a.m. in freezing cold weather to go get your horse ready for a show/clinic/etc!

15. Explaining How Hard Riding Is to Non-equestrians

No, no, no, you do NOT just sit there! You need to use your leg for support, hands for more support, squeeze, half halt, YOU DONT JUST SIT THERE!

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