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11 Best Foods For Pet Dogs

by My pets names 2 months ago in pet food
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Food For Dogs (2022)

11 Best Foods For Pet Dogs
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Hello friends There is always this thing in the mind of a dog owner that what should they give to their pet dog and what should be its food, it is also not appropriate to give human food to the dog again and again.

Like giving milk to a dog, feeding bread, etc., so it is very important for us to know what we should give to our dog and what should be his food.

We keep our pet dogs in the same way as humans, so their use is also more on our side, the dog has always been considered as a loyal animal. Because of more love, we give what we eat to our pet dogs too, so it is necessary for us to know what is beneficial for them and what is harmful.

Let us discuss about what we should give to our pet dogs, let us discuss about the beneficial food for dogs and know what is right for our dog.

Pets Dogs Foods

1 . Yogurt :- Yogurt contains high amounts of protein, calcium, and digestive enzymes which will help in improving the digestion process of your pet dog.

By reaching the dog's body, it will prove beneficial in making its digestive system good, while choosing yogurt, we have to keep in mind that it does not have any flavor or sugar content.

2 . Peanut Butter : - Peanut butter is rich in protein, which can be extremely beneficial for your dog, in addition to protein, healthy fat, vitamin B and vitamin E are also found.

Excess amount of salt can be harmful for your pet dog, so choose peanut butter with less salt and we should also take care that the amount of sugar in it is not high because too much sugar can be harmful for your dog.

3 . Sweet potato :- A high amount of protein is found in sweet potatoes and vitamin A is found in it, sweet potato can prove to be good for your dog.

There should not be any kind of spice in it, you can give it to your pet dogs by boiling or baking it.

4 . Chicken :-We can give chicken cooked or uncooked to dogs, we can give chicken to our dogs in many ways. Cooked chicken is very good for the dog and it can be given easily but cooked bones are never given to dogs. should be given.

You can give uncooked raw chicken or its raw bones to your dogs and it can prove to be more beneficial for them.

5 . Carrot :-Carrots are rich in fiber and vitamin A, which are great for your dog and provide him with the nutrition he needs. Your dog's teeth also remain strong by chewing raw carrots.

Carrots are also low in calories. Therefore, if your dog's weight has increased beyond the limit, then consuming carrots can prove to be helpful in reducing his weight.

6 . Oatmeal :-Oatmeal is found in many dog ​​foods. This is a great addition to your dog's diet. It is rich in vitamins and minerals. Apart from this, dietary fiber is also present in it.

7 . Apples :- Apples are extremely healthy and tasty food for your dog which are rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C. It can be given to your dog without removing its skin.

Just as apple is beneficial for humans, in the same way it is beneficial for dogs. However, remember that apples can be harmful in some cases. Do not give apple seeds to your dog as it contains cyanide which is fatal to dogs.

8 . green beans :-Veterinarians are advised to give green beans to their dog to those people whose dog's weight is more than normal. It is rich in fiber and very low in calories. Due to this, it is considered useful for reducing weight.

9. eggs :- However, when the eggs are cooked for dog consumption, remember not to add any spices, salt or peppers as these can be harmful to your dog.

10 . Pet dogs biscuits :-This product is very good for better health and balanced diet. It is made of chicken. Dogs love biscuits. This product will also be available to you online

11. Pedigree Adult Dry Dog Food :- This will also prove to be a must-have for your pet dog. It has a high-protein variant. It contains chicken, egg and rice. You can feed this to your pet dogs

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