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10 Best Dogs for First Time Owners

Never owned a pet before? Have no fear! These are some of the best dogs for first time owners.

By Jessica HerringPublished 7 years ago 4 min read

A new owner can feel a little intimidated when looking at the vast amount of dog breeds to select for their first pet. Of course, how can you not? They're all so cute!

A first time owner may be a little unsure about which dog is best suited for them. They may not know what qualities to look for when looking at a pet. What sort of things should you be wary of? What should you look for? First time dog owners should be happy to know that there are plenty of breeds perfect for those who never owned a pet before.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are among the most popular breeds of dog around. Energetic. Lively. Beautiful. They are majestic, athletic creatures. You want a dog who will play fetch? To take on long, meandering walks?

You will need to comb your Golden Retriever on a regular basis to keep their golden fur nice and neat. While Retrievers are energetic by nature, they can remain calm indoors. Their love for human companionship is noteworthy. Easy to train. Easy to keep around the family. What more can you ask for in a dog?

Labrador Retriever

Similar to its golden counterpart, the Labrador Retriever is a strong, powerful creature. They are natural hunters, and love to roam around the yard. You need to regularly walk them. Exercise is a must with this breed as they are prone to obesity.

Even so, they are calm and patient in the house. Wonderful with families and eager to learn new tricks, these canines are perfect choices for the family... and masters ready for their first pet.

German Shepard

The choice dog for police officers, this intelligent breed of dogs is ideal for first-time dog owners. They are naturally protective and devoted creatures, known to be suspicious of strangers who could pose a threat to their family.

They are terrific with children, remain calm and collected, and demonstrate incredible intelligence when presented with training and tasks. It is important to groom them regularly and keep them keen and focused. While these dogs can take care of themselves, you need to keep them sharp and with it. Doesn't take a lot of effort. Just treat them well.


The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is one of the most adorable animals ever bred by man. These bouncy canines are energetic, lovable, and excitable. Bred to heard cattle, they are physically active dogs that are born to move fast.

While first-time pet owners may not be prepared for its incessant barking, their active and lovable attitudes compensate for that. Corgis may be shy with newcomers. Corgis are known to have hip problems later in life, so you must be prepared to consult your veterinarian about that.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These sweet dogs make the perfect house pet. They are cozy and sincere creatures who make ideal therapy dogs. They love to explore and take charge outside, but are just as comfortable relaxing inside the house.

These dogs are sweet with younger children and older adults. They love to be loved and comforted. Like many small breeds of dogs, they encounter some health issues later on in life. But their gentle nature makes them ideal for newer owners not ready for a high-maintenance animal.


These soft-featured small dogs are some of the most playful pets you can hope to own. They are prone to playing and frolicking around. While they can be a little adamant, they are often incredibly friendly, especially with the whole family.

Maintenance for pugs is minimal. They do not require much brushing, and only need walks during the warmer seasons. Due to their flat noses, they are prone to snoring. Sometimes loudly. This is nothing to be concerned about.


While the Beagle is often known as an ideal pet for hunters to take on hunting trips, the Beagle's calm temperament and moderate size make it an ideal family dog, especially for owners ready for their first dog.

Bred to be an ideal pack animal, Beagles play well with younger children. Though they can be yippy, they are not the kinds of dogs who will attack or bite kids or adults. They do not require heavy maintenance nor are they prone to health problems. They are perfect for families who love to go outdoors.


Yes. Lassie is perfect for first-time pet owners.

These intelligent herding dogs are thoughtful creatures who work well with children and families. They enjoy the occasional walk and herding exercises, but are for the most part calm and relaxed.

It is important that collies receive regular grooming. As they are prone to many health problems, please bring her to regular check-ups. Such intelligent animals are precious gifts to the first time pet owner that must be protected.

Yorkshire Terrier

Ever want a breed of dog that doesn't shed? A lovable, intelligent creature who loves to play? Then the Yorkie is the dog for you.

These loving dogs love to assert themselves. Bold and adventurous creatures that can play without encouragement, the Yorkie is the kind of animal that plays wonderfully with families. Though their barking can be loud and consistent, they make terrific guard dogs.

Because yorkies don't shed, it is important that they are regularly brushed and cleaned to keep their hair from dirtying. They are perfect inside dogs that shouldn't walk too much outdoors.


These powerful, majestic dogs are ideal for active, outdoors-y families who love to travel. The boxer is a natural guard dog, from its powerful appearance and protective nature.

Low-maintenance, this animal is easy to take care of, so long as you keep it cool and make sure it isn't left out in the heat. You need to train it not to jump on people, however, as it often becomes excited when new people come. Other than that, the boxer should prove a perfect companion for the new pet owner.


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