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The Ugly Truth About Playboy

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By Amine OubihPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
The Ugly Truth About Playboy
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Playboy. The brand name stirs the pictures of quintessential boards along with erotasm of luxuries and high-social life. The surface of the picture in front of us is never like the story behind it, so the grand party to an excellent image does not tell us a real secret bunny logo. The Playboy enterprises, however, from allegation of exploitation and abuse to corruption and misogyny, its story defies the gleam positivity and beauty its depicts.

In 1953, Hefner started Playboy ; initial purpose of the magazine was to promote sexual liberation. However, its reputation of high class, urban appeal played an equally important role. As its trailblazing centerfolds, risqué stories, and massive amount of money gave it a prominent image linked with the pleasure seeking and alluring vibe of the era. On the other hand, the years have also worn away the varnish, and the truth behind the shamdo a world characterized by corruption and immorality has been unmasked.

Probably, the likes of Playboy most exposed got quite early – for example, a journalist, Gloria Steinem, pretended to be a Playboy Bunny in 1963. What she uncovered shocked the world: The Bunny girls got the worst of it: sweltering working conditions, paltry salary, and the rampant disrespect of their bodily integrity. Steinem influenced the society with her "A Bunny's Tale" article by taking the readers through a journey of the horrifying reality that exists despite the sparkling exterior of the Playboy Club.

However, Ratigan's piece was crippling to the magazine's popularity. Even though Hefner thought that he liked feminism, ultimately, his deeds told other story. In this meanwhile, allegations of sexual exploitation and misconduct persisted right to the peak of the lifestyle empire known as the Playboy with Stratten’s tragic death becoming the unfortunate climax in 1980. Hefner's world of lavish parties and plastic lovers was pulled into the dark side of the exploitation and abuse of young women by Hefner himself.

In recent times, after the news about #MeToo movement has covered Hollywood, Playboy Bunnies, partners as well as Playmates of Hefner have also spoken about their personal stories of being abused as well as being exploited. There were stories of consensual sex that became rape as well as reports of underage girls being drugged and sexually assaulted at the club. The testimonies are chilling.

The disclosures “Secrets of Playboy” documentary raised the curtains on the darkly immoral world of Hefner, revealing accounts of abuse, coercion and manipulation. The statements ranges from Hefner‘s personal misdeeds to the participation of his staff and acquaintances in manipulations and betraying grievances in order to hide the scandals.

Despite that history being flawed, Playboy nonetheless has had a rather complicated legacy. If it was a venue for astonishing journalism and wrote, its the women abusing it must not be overlooked. By now Hefner is gone and the empire went under a new ownership, so one can hope for the reform to take place. However, we can only find out if the efforts of Playboy to rewrite its gloomy legacy will turn it into a company that makes efforts to break stereotypes about sexuality.

To sum up, Playboy left a complicated legacy having threads of elegance and oppression, awareness and abuse. The ever-evolving dynamics of fashion can overshadow the ugly face behind the fashion design sometimes, where the free-spirited sexuality and maturity may have been in its heyday. The history of Playboy empire is just an evidence of how dangerous unchecked power and privilege could be. From allegations of exploitation and misconduct to stories of abuse and coercion, all of those are only one effect that could happen if someone has everything under the control. The brand may be in a rocky situation, make a diverse effort to build a better brand image in the public sooner or later. But the only statement of truth would be the passage of time that will then answer the gender question trusting Playboy in becoming a real power of the positive impact on the subject of sexual pleasure and power.

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