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BLACK+DECKER Combination String Trimmer, Lawn Mower

By Lam NguyenPublished about a month ago 4 min read

Outline for an Article about Combination String Trimmer, Lawn Mower

BLACK+DECKER Combination String Trimmer, Lawn Mower, and Edger, Cordless 3-in-1 (MTC220)

I. Introduction

Hook: Engaging statement about the convenience of multifunctional gardening tools.

Thesis Statement: Introduction of combination string trimmer and lawn mower as an innovative solution for efficient lawn care.

Brief Overview: Explanation of what a combination string trimmer and lawn mower is and its benefits.

II. The Evolution of Lawn Care Tools

Historical Context: Brief history of lawn care tools.

Technological Advancements: Evolution leading to combination tools.

Market Trends: Growing demand for versatile gardening tools.

III. Features of Combination String Trimmer and Lawn Mower

Design and Build: Description of the physical attributes.

Versatility: Explanation of how the tool functions as both a string trimmer and lawn mower.

Ease of Use: User-friendly features like adjustable handles, lightweight design.

Power Sources: Options for electric, battery-powered, and gas models.

IV. Benefits of Using a Combination Tool

Efficiency: Saves time and effort compared to using separate tools.

Cost-Effectiveness: Financial benefits of purchasing one tool instead of two.

Storage: Space-saving advantage in storage.

Environmental Impact: Eco-friendly options and reduced carbon footprint.

V. Considerations When Purchasing

Power and Performance: Importance of matching tool power with yard size and type.

Durability and Build Quality: Materials and construction quality to look for.

Battery Life and Charging Time: For battery-powered models, aspects to consider.

Brand Reputation and Reviews: Importance of researching brands and customer reviews.

Warranty and Customer Support: Availability of warranties and reliable customer service.

VI. Top Brands and Models

Review of Popular Models: Brief overview of top-rated combination string trimmer and lawn mower models.

Comparative Analysis: Comparison of features, prices, and user reviews.

Expert Recommendations: Input from gardening experts on best choices.

VII. Maintenance and Care Tips

Regular Cleaning and Inspection: Importance of maintaining cleanliness and regular checks.

Sharpening and Replacing Parts: How to keep blades and strings in top condition.

Storage Tips: Best practices for storing the tool to prolong its lifespan.

VIII. User Experiences and Testimonials

Case Studies: Real-life examples of users and their experiences.

Common Challenges and Solutions: Issues faced by users and how to address them.

IX. Future of Combination Lawn Care Tools

Innovations on the Horizon: Upcoming technological advancements in gardening tools.

Market Predictions: Trends indicating the future direction of the market.

X. Conclusion

Summary of Benefits: Recap of the main advantages of combination string trimmer and lawn mower.

Final Thoughts: Encouragement to consider a combination tool for efficient and cost-effective lawn care.

Call to Action: Suggestion to visit a garden tool retailer or website to explore options.

XI. Additional Resources

Product Links: Links to popular models and brands.

Gardening Tips and Tricks: Additional resources for maintaining a healthy lawn.

Contact Information for Experts: How to get in touch with lawn care professionals for personalized advice.


Maintaining a pristine lawn can be a rewarding yet time-consuming task, often requiring a variety of tools to achieve the perfect cut and trim. For many homeowners and gardening enthusiasts, juggling multiple devices like a lawn mower and a string trimmer can be cumbersome and inefficient. Enter the combination string trimmer and lawn mower, an innovative solution designed to streamline your lawn care routine. This multifunctional tool not only saves time and effort but also offers versatility and convenience, making it a valuable addition to any garden shed.

A combination string trimmer and lawn mower integrates the functionalities of both tools into a single, compact device. With this versatile equipment, you can switch seamlessly between trimming edges and mowing your lawn, ensuring a neat and uniform appearance without the hassle of handling multiple tools. As garden technology advances, these combination tools are becoming increasingly popular, providing a practical and cost-effective option for maintaining your outdoor space. Whether you have a small urban garden or a sprawling suburban lawn, a combination string trimmer and lawn mower can help you achieve professional results with minimal effort.

Overview of the BLACK+DECKER MTC220 Energy Rating Lawn Mower

The BLACK+DECKER MTC220 is a versatile and efficient combination tool that serves as a lawn mower, string trimmer, and edger. This all-in-one gardening tool is designed to meet the needs of homeowners who seek a convenient solution for maintaining their lawns. Here’s a detailed overview of its features and benefits:

Design and Build:

The MTC220 boasts a compact and lightweight design, making it easy to maneuver around the yard. Its adjustable handle height and pivoting handle provide comfort and control, allowing users to operate the tool with ease. The 3-in-1 design allows for quick transitions between mowing, trimming, and edging, enhancing its versatility.

Power Source and Energy Efficiency:

Powered by a 20V MAX lithium-ion battery, the MTC220 offers the freedom of cordless operation, eliminating the hassle of managing power cords. The battery is known for its long life and quick recharge time, making it a reliable choice for continuous use. The energy-efficient battery system ensures that you get maximum run time while minimizing energy consumption, aligning with eco-friendly practices.


With a 12-inch cutting width, the MTC220 is ideal for small to medium-sized yards. The automatic feed spool (AFS) ensures continuous work without the need for manual adjustments, allowing for seamless operation. The gear-driven transmission prevents bogging down, ensuring consistent performance even in tougher grass conditions.

User-Friendly Features:

The MTC220 is equipped with an adjustable height deck that allows you to choose between two height settings, ensuring an optimal cut for your lawn. The tool-free conversion system makes it simple to switch between the mowing, trimming, and edging functions. Additionally, the lightweight design reduces user fatigue, making it suitable for extended use.

Environmental Impact:

As a battery-powered tool, the MTC220 produces zero emissions, contributing to a cleaner environment. The energy-efficient battery and the tool's overall design reflect BLACK+DECKER's commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly products.


The BLACK+DECKER MTC220 energy rating lawn mower is a robust, multifunctional tool that combines convenience, performance, and sustainability. Its cordless design, efficient battery system, and user-friendly features make it an excellent choice for homeowners looking to maintain their lawns with ease and precision. Whether you need to mow, trim, or edge, the MTC220 is equipped to handle the task, providing a neat and professional finish to your outdoor space.

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