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The Evolution of Men's Grooming

By Kidada AmaniPublished about a month ago 4 min read
Groom's Day
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Raised in a family where the men prided themselves on their appearance, from my grandfather, to uncles, to my dad, they all told the story of who they were from head to toe. Through grooming, style, and fragrance, they never ceased to leave their mark. Fast forward, grooming routines for most men, consisted of a quick shave with a disposable razor, the stinky magic shave my grandfather use to use, a splash of aftershave and a facial rinse (with water only). Now, with the rise of self-care and the importance of how you present, the evolution of male grooming has taken center stage, right next to that of a woman, in an effort to “match our fly”, reshaping the way men perceive self-care and beauty. As a beauty and wellness expert, I am here for this men's grooming revolution, checking out what products and services they’re into, the switching up of attitudes towards male grooming and beauty, and the rise of gender-inclusive brands.

As perceptions of masculinity shift, so do attitudes towards male beauty aids. The stigma that once surrounded grooming routines has been replaced by a celebration of self-care & expression, immaculate beards, smooth skin and good smelling necks! Men are increasingly recognizing that grooming is not a matter of vanity but a testament to their self-respect and confidence. Or as the youth refer to it today, ‘Swag’. The traditional notion that skincare was exclusively for women has been shattered. Modern men embrace the concept of investing time and effort in their appearance. In fact, my own partner has become a skincare enthusiast, religiously following his routine and gloating over the results. Now that he appreciates the results of not using the same soap on your face as your body, he can attest that looking good often translates into feeling good. This shift is seen not only in their routines but also in their receptiveness to experimenting with products previously considered beyond the realm of masculinity.

The transformation isn't just limited to products; services have evolved as well. Barbershops have always been cultural hubs where men can receive precision haircuts, beard trims, and even spa-like treatments. Now these spaces provide an avenue for relaxation and self-care services, embracing the idea that grooming is not just about aesthetics but also about personal well-being. This shift towards inclusivity is driven by an understanding that self-care and self-expression are human experiences that transcend gender.

The numbers in this category tell a convincing story of the explosive growth in the male grooming industry over the last five years. According to CNN, data gathered by market insight company Statista this year, the global male grooming market is expected to be worth $115 billion by 2028, up from nearly $80 billion in 2022. This growth is attributed to an increasing number of men seeking products and services tailored to their specific needs.

A stroll down any grooming aisle reveals a transformative array of products meticulously designed for men's needs. The days of generic shaving creams and basic skincare products are long gone. From cleansers and moisturizers to beard oils and sheet masks, the offerings are as diverse as they are innovative. The grooming industry is finally recognizing that men, like their female counterparts, deserve a comprehensive range of options to look and feel their best.

One of the most obvious changes in the men's grooming revolution is the rise of gender-inclusive beauty brands. Brands that recognize that beauty knows no gender boundaries and create products that cater to all individuals, regardless of their gender identity will win big!

The embrace of gender inclusivity not only empowers men but also fosters a more inclusive beauty industry that welcomes everyone.

The men's grooming revolution is more than just a fleeting trend; As beauty and wellness experts, we celebrate this transformation as it fosters the culture of self-care, confidence, and embraces all. It's about empowering men to celebrate a long legacy of untold stories of well-groomed, well dressed, and self-assured men, that embrace their authenticity and celebrate their unique beauty, both inside and out. In this new age of grooming, every man has the freedom to define his own standard of beauty, and as a woman in beauty, I’m sticking beside them.


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