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Yadav Matrimony Traditions That You Need to Know

Yadav Matrimony Traditions

By BetterhalfPublished 8 months ago 3 min read

Weddings hold a significant place in an individual's life and are considered a transition into a new phase. Various customs and traditions, unique to each community, surround weddings. Planning for a wedding, such as the Yadav matrimony, can be time-consuming and exhaustive. To alleviate the stress, individuals may opt to hire a wedding planner to assist them with the preparation process.

The key to a successful wedding is to hire the right wedding planner. Your role is to oversee the planning and preparation process, which the planner will handle it. To ensure that you choose the best person for the job. You should create a checklist of your requirements and select the planner that meets all of them. This approach will assist you in finding the ideal wedding planner for your Yadav matrimony.

Wedding customs and rituals vary based on factors such as caste, community, and location. India is home to a diverse range of communities and castes, each with distinct traditions. One such community with distinctive practices is the Yadav community. In this article, we will explore the Yadav matrimony traditions that are worth knowing.

Roka ceremony

The Roka ceremony is held after finalizing the wedding. This ceremony marks the end of the search for a soul mate for Yadav matrimony. Both families are joyous and present gifts to both the bride and groom. The groom's family gives the bride a sari and other gifts. Meanwhile, the bride's parents offer the groom sweets and presents. The Roka ceremony is equivalent to an engagement ceremony.


The Mehendi ceremony is typically held a few days before the wedding. It also involves the decoration of the bride's feet and hands with henna patterns. The groom may also have a small design or letter written on his hand. Both families come together to celebrate this festival, which is now often combined with the Sangeet ceremony.


The Haldi ceremony will happen on the morning of the Yadav matrimony. During this tradition, they will make a paste with mustard oil, turmeric, curds, henna, and herbs. The bride and groom will be in this paste. Haldi holds great significance in Indian marriages and will bring good luck and purify the body. It also serves as a natural cleanser. It is also a symbol of preparing the body for the most important event of one's life.

Teeka Ceremony

The Teeka ritual takes place on the day of the wedding, just before the start of the wedding ceremonies. The ritual begins with a small puja performed by the fathers of both the groom and bride. Male members of the bride's family apply Teeka to the groom's forehead as a sign of their love and respect. And to symbolize the groom's acceptance into the family.

Wedding Ceremony

The central wedding ceremony involves the couple taking seven rounds around a holy fire and exchanging vows. The priest conducting the wedding recites a mantra before each round, with the groom repeating it afterwards. These seven mantras are a prayer to Lord Vishnu, asking for a good life for the bride.


The Vidaai ceremony marks the bride's departure from her home. The bride is escorted to the front door of her home by her loved ones and friends. She faces away from the house and throws three handfuls of rice over her shoulder into the home. This gesture symbolizes the bride returning all the gifts and blessings she received from her parents. Before leaving, she enters the main door.

Each of these rituals is significant and will happen in the presence of guests. A variety of tasty treats, both traditional and fusion, will be served at the wedding. This is common in Yadav matrimony celebrations.

The bride, groom, and all related family members will be ready for all of these traditions and rituals. If anyone in the family participates in the sangeet, they should put in the necessary effort. Choreographers are often present at Yadav weddings to organize the dances and performances.

Yadavs have a strong love for dance and music, and this is reflected in their weddings. With vibrant and stunning weddings, they dress up brightly for various events, showing their excitement and fervour. Being an energetic and lively community, Yadavs also have a fondness for destination weddings.

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