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With custom neon wedding signs, you can glam up your wedding location!

LED neon wedding sign

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Would you like to organise a memorable wedding?

Make any celebration brighter by utilising neon light signage's current, in-vogue trend. Custom neon signs can have any text you choose written to them, such as your name, wedding dates, or other information. They wow your guests and are perfect for weddings outdoors or indoors.

If you want your wedding to be remembered, consider including a custom LED neon wedding sign in your décor. They also make fantastic captures! In this article, we provide you with five unique recommendations to get you started. Let's look at it now!

What are personalised wedding neon signs?

A personalised neon signboard is always an option if you're searching for something different and eye-catching for special occasions. Neon lights are available from online vendors, and you can personalise them. You can choose the wording, colour, size, and pattern for your neon sign from various types. Compared to other types of décor, neon signs are in and can be made to stand out and be more evident to visitors.

Types of custom neon wedding signs

Any wedding would benefit from a personalised neon sign as a perpetual remembrance of the happy couple's special day. Finding an artist who can make a bespoke neon sign is challenging because there are few options available. The top neon signs that can be altered to suit your needs are listed below:

1. Just Married Neon Sign - Your wedding day is a special occasion you have been looking forward to. Every priceless moment should be documented. As a result, you've put a lot of thought, time, and effort into ensuring it's ideal for you and your spouse. After your wedding, hiding out with a "Just Married" neon sign might be a terrific idea. They also add a delightful touch, which will catch the attention of your wedding photographer even more. Whether they like conventional neon or a distinctive style, each want can be fulfilled. You can alter them to fit your wedding's colour scheme and font preference.

Just Married Neon Sign

2. Always and Forever Neon Sign - Add customised LED neon signs to your wedding to make it the most unforgettable occasion ever. Neon lights are a fantastic option for any wedding because guests love having their pictures taken before them, and you will treasure the lovely memories of your big day. Neon lights are the greatest illumination for a wedding since they look beautiful indoors and outside. This eye-catching sign was created by expert designers using top-quality materials and is quite popular. Also, these lights use less energy, significantly reducing your utility costs.

3. Mr. & Mrs Wedding Neon Sign - A Mr. & Mrs. sign is ideal for adding a unique, personal touch to your house or wedding day! They have a very long lifespan and are built of premium materials. You can resell or recycle them after using them. The string lights are simple to hang, store, and take down. Also, they save energy and cut down on your utility costs. Mr. & Mrs Wedding Neon Signs are ideal for long-lasting neon signs with various design options.

Mr & Mrs Wedding Neon Sign


If you want your wedding to stand out, why not get a stylish, bespoke neon sign? Visit Crazyneon's great online store to see its incredible selection of items for every special occasion. We provide unique artwork in various colours, fonts, and forms. With the help of our professionals, you can even affordably modify your neon signs. Contact us via phone or email to start customising your sign right now.


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