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Why are Indian parents so obsessed with arranged marriages?

Indian Parents about arranged marriage

By Karan deepPublished about a year ago 4 min read
Why are Indian parents so obsessed with arranged marriages?
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Marriage is a very important occasion for Indians, as people celebrate it like a festival. It is also true that Indian parents are so obsessed with arranged marriages, because in these marriages their child marries at their parent's choice, as they considered that only they can find a better life partner for their child. Indian parents are always preoccupied with their child's marriage as they are concerned about their children's marriage. Indian parents believe that have complete responsibility for their children's education, professional future, and relationship selection.

According to the Indian traditional marriage system, often known as an arranged marriage, where two families decide whether or not the bride and groom will be a good match for the rest of their lives. They take into account a variety of factors in this process, including each person's personal preferences, family values, Kundalies, and a lot more. Because the family made the decision and put pressure on the couple to have a successful marriage, it has been successful for many years. A good, simple life!

According to Indian parents, marriage is the most important part of an individual's life so everyone should marry before their 30s. As it is their primary responsibility to marry their child on the time. They always want to plan a lavish wedding for the children in order to please their distant relatives and uphold their parents' reputation in society. Moreover, they considered that their kids will never get a better match after a particular age, therefore they believe in an arranged marriage.

There are various reasons behind this kind of obsession:

  • The worst type of obsession, the caste system is a key consideration for many parents when looking for possible partners for their kids. The nation's togetherness has deteriorated because of this caste ego.
  • The majority of parents believe that if they can educate their children, only they have the right to choose their life partners. Typically, daughters are affected by this.
  • When girls or boys marry for reasons of caste or even religion, it damages the fake honor of many parents, particularly those who are wealthy or have political ties.
  • In the case of girls, the majority of their parents search for wealthy prospective grooms, and in the same way, in the case of men, the parents search for ladies who can bring a sizeable dowry.
  • However, Indian parents like finding out about the family, upbringing, profession, and any prior experiences of the prospective bride or groom. The majority of marriage therapists agree that their clients frequently use private investigators to find out more information about the potential spouse. With such comprehensive knowledge, one would surely agree.
  • Parents always want that their children will have a good life ahead, and also they have experience with arranged marriages. So, they want their child also have arranged marriage because there is very little risk of conflict between planned marriage couples. After all, they share the same status, financial security, cultural identity, and worldview.
  • They fear what people will think if they don't get their kids married when they should or if they have them married to someone from a different caste or religion. Moreover, before getting their children married, the majority of Indian parents still adhere to the horoscope/kundali matching, family status, and position matching traditions.
  • Indian parents are convinced they are doing what is best for their kids. They refuse to acknowledge that their kids are adults who can make their own decisions.
  • Most young people nowadays believe that money doesn't matter in love, but that it does matter when it comes to marriage. Additionally, in an arranged marriage, the groom would undoubtedly be able to meet the needs of the bride.
  • Parents in India believe that arranged marriages endure longer than love marriages. There may be various problems that develop in love marriages that occasionally lead to divorce. Arranged marriages, however, also have problems, which never go away with the divorce. As a result, many think arranged marriages are preferable.

Although it is the parents' responsibility to marry their child on time and find a perfect life partner for them it should be based on their child's personal preference because it is the union of two souls. Parents shouldn't make decisions solely based on pressure from friends or family. Indian parents have to understand their child's feelings and life goals and let them be ready for marriage and not pressurize them for marriage.

Due to all the above-explained reasons, Indian parents prefer an arranged marriage of their children. Moreover, in this modern era, there are various modern methods of selecting a life partner such as internet matchmaking sites, which makes it easier for parents and their children to locate a life partner as per their preferences, and youngsters nowadays also agree with their parents, as this modern matchmaking ways provide them ample of services.


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