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What Is Rejection how to handle rejection in love life

What Is Rejection

By Datchana EPublished 6 months ago 5 min read
What Is Rejection how to handle rejection in love life
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What Is Rejection

How to Handle Rejection

Rejection is just part of life, in our life period we have lot of emotions lot of struggles and more painful memories. We can't change the past we want to accept it and learn from it.How to deal with rejection : Just think about you if someone you for a relationship, but you have life partner so you say I am sorry partner so I am not interested with you. In your front of person point of you it is a rejection for her. Everybody face rejection at least one time in their life.

Winning and losing is just an experience; winning is showing our strength and capacity, and losing is a learning path. Just imagine 10 peoples having a cycling race but only one people want to win the race 9 people was failed no that is not failed they have another chance or another Cycling race to prove their skill.

Rejection is also like that just think from your partner side they have some family struggles for maybe they have some personal problems or health issues so I think personal problem don't want to affect you so this is not a correct time to accept your relationship with her or him so if anyone reject you just ask him what is the main problem or what is a main reason for rejecting you you find that and literally you want to know what the problem from your side or your friend person side.

The reason is really acceptable genuinely accept rejection and then move on your life that is the healthier way to break up are moving to other relationship.

Type of Rejections

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  1. May they have previous relationship
  2. They have personal life goals and want to achieve that
  3. Maybe their parents not allowed to relationship
  4. Some responsibility reasons
  5. They only treat like you as a friend not as a life partner
  6. It is just temporary injunction
  7. They doesn't trust the relationship

These are all the major reasons to girl or boy rejected you why you proposed her or he. Everybody using internet everybody reading News articles YouTube social media Facebook Twitter WhatsApp extra. So we knowo what happens in the world. some people think they are unlucky after face relationship that particular person feel like they are not a proper person or they are financially weak or they improve their personality but the real reason is rejection is just common thing. so we want to find that reason the of the rejection. After find the reason accepted it or we solve the problems then propose again.

What are the unsolvable problems in the relationship

This three major mistake never made in your relationship.

1.Don't compare with your earnings with your partner business

2. Don't flirt with another woman front of your wife

3.If you are played us it never recreate your relationship again

Ok at the end of article you know how to handle a relationship. How to face the rejection. And what are the reasons yeah person rejecting you. Now let's see how to move on into the new relationship.

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New relationship.

In this internet era people making a profile on online aur create your biodata in some Matrimony platforms. Then they do online dating everything go well the meeting on live location.

This is one kind of method. But another method is traditional way I want to know who I'm really like your home really interested with us. You have crush on someone also someone have crush on you. So first we want to find that person, then explain about our previous relationship absolutely your previous rejection.

Yes you want to tell her or him because one day present no life partner are you faced a previous rejection in relationship it go to misunderstand about you. 4 get into relationship I mean new relationship you want to propose her explain your previous rejection and relationship to her with Complete story. How to deal with rejection from a guy you like ,just focus on your goles.

I know it's really embarrassing situation to explain your previous rejection. Handi 10 simple base apply on this step by step.

  • Number 1 beautiful location
  • Number 2 a positive mindset
  • Number 3 dressing and Outlook
  • Number 4 bold speech
  • Number 5 practice what you gonna say
  • Number 6 explain how important that person relationship in your life
  • Number 7 your future plans and dreams with her or him
  • Number 8 convincing proposal
  • Number 9 a beautiful Pleasent and gift
  • Number 10 final proposal.

Do this step by step properly without give the chance to speak her or him

While doing the 10 steps you only act on front of the stage. Don't give the chance to interact with you or into someone while you proposing to her or him. After you done distance properly you get finally one clear and meaningful answer.

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I accept your propose

After I accept your propose

When people are ready to accept your proposal just go and ask, shall we go for dinner tonight? Your partner asks why? Because we want to spend more time sharing our feelings.

If she struggles to say yes. Suddenly you say if you feel uncomfortable no compare.

Then she says yes after smoothly taking your relationship to married. Buy her number chat with her, slowly meet in public places, go there and park smoothly to develop your relationship.

I am not ready to relationship with you

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Yes or no answer you finally get in your proposal. But I am again saying never lose the hope. Think positive and all have a positive mindset Everything going well and definitely dreams come true. Incase you are at second time after listening your story. You want to accept and move on. Because life is one time how do you want to live it india visa duration happily.

Problems come and go we want to stay Motu and stay positive power positivity someone they also get positive mindset don't worry love relationship one day already a person searching for you one day you find the person on the person find you for the day just live today

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