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What is a Beautiful Pre-Wedding Rituals Witness In Punjabi Marriage?

Punjabi Marriage

By Balakrishnan DavidPublished 3 months ago 6 min read

A wedding in Indian culture is no less than a festival and often a grand celebration. The beauty of an Indian wedding is the different ceremonies and rituals of varying cultures witnessed during the marriage ceremonies. Punjabi Marriage encompasses traditions that are deep-rooted and holy.

The wedding consists of mouth-watering- Punjabi delicacies, bright outfits, dances, songs, etc that wedding guests can enjoy to the fullest. Punjabi weddings have the gamut of pre-wedding, post-wedding and wedding ceremonies filled with love. The Punjabi marriage rituals are simple, and sweet and symbolize the true meaning of the union of two souls.

The- would- be- couple shares their most memorable day with loved and close ones. Punjabi wedding is devoid of any show or pomp and is celebrated in presence of divine blessing. Discuss below are a few beautiful and amazing Punjabi weddings and traditions.

Punjabi Pre-Wedding Ceremonies


The first pre-wedding ceremony begins with the ritual of chunni given to the bride by the groom’s family. The Chunni ceremony symbolizes that the bride has now become part of the groom's family.

The groom's side presents the Punjabi bride-to-be with a red or pink Chunni which is a part of their traditional wedding outfit before the engagement. This Punjabi tradition marks the beginning of the wedding celebration.

Thaka & Roka

The next pre-wedding ceremony consists of Roka. The bride's party arrives at the Punjabi groom's place to begin this pre-wedding celebration. They arrive bearing gift items such as fruits, wedding gifts, etc and bless him. This ritual is known as Roka.

Then the groom's family arrives at the bride's place for celebrating a ritual called thaka. At this time the groom's family presents the bride with marriage jewellery, sweets, outfits, etc and blesses her.


This women-centric ceremony in Punjabi marriage is very special. The beauty of the ceremony is that both the bride and groom family can conduct a mehndi ceremony at their respective place. The henna designs grab lots of attention with their intrinsic layouts and patterns.

The bride gets the henna paste and design applied on both feet and hands until dry. The dark colour of henna on the bride's hands and feet symbolizes the groom's love for her.

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Sagai is a pre-wedding celebration that can be seen in many other Indian cultures. Sagai is also known as engagement in a Punjabi wedding. It is a ceremony where rings are exchanged between the bride and groom. It is a ceremony that symbolizes the commitment of the couple to one another. Both families exchange the wedding gifts like sweets, etc and this ceremony happens on the same day as Chunni.


Haldi is a relaxing and exciting time for the couple and their families. Both the couple's families partake in the Haldi ceremony and it includes applying Haldi and Bethan paste on the groom and bride. The marriage guests apply this special paste on the feet, face and hands of the bride and groom to ensure that they glow on their D-day.


This ceremony is full of dance, songs, good times and fun. All the wedding guests of the couple enjoy grand celebration with lots of dancing, eating and fun happen on the dance floor.

The bride and groom families also perform special dance numbers to entertain the wedding guests and the couple. The hot Punjabi song numbers also ensure that everyone is tapping their feet and enjoying their time.


In Punjabi weddings, this ceremony holds paramount importance. During this ceremony, the sister of the groom takes the bride to the temple to fill a pitcher of water. It is the same water is use to bathe by the bride on her wedding day. This ritual is perform at the same time as the Haldi.

Kalire And Chura

This beautiful ceremony is also among the highlight of the Punjabi wedding. This ritual happens at the bride's place where her maternal uncle presents her with a chura set. This chura set consists of white and red bangles that the bride will continue to wear even after the wedding is over.

Kalire is another such ritual where the bride sisters present her with a jewellery piece called Kalire. This ornament is an open umbrella made from gold or silver.

Shera Bandi

It is yet another exciting moment in the Punjabi wedding. During this ceremony, when the Punjabi groom adorns the wedding outfit, a special puja is done by the temple priest. After the completion of the puja, the maternal uncle of the groom comes forward to tie the Sehra or special turban. It is believed to be wedding jewellery for the groom.

Ghodi Chanda

This ritual marks the entry of the groom at the wedding venue. Usually, the Punjabi groom comes riding a female horse but since the times have changed, grooms nowadays arrive in cars. The groom's wedding guests arrive at the wedding venue dancing and singing around the horse before the grand wedding celebration.


This ritual begins with the groom's wedding party arriving at the wedding venue. The bride's family, relatives and friends come to the wedding gate to welcome the groom's family. When the Barat reaches the gate they are given welcome drinks and sweets. The bride's family also offers flowers or gifts to the groom's wedding guests on arrival. It is a way for a couple's family to show their respect and love for one another.

To conclude, Punjabi wedding has varying heartwarming and beautiful pre-wedding rituals. It is a time that is filled with love, joy and good times. The traditional Punjabi food like dal makahai, Lassi, Makka ki roti, sarso ka saga, etc and feet-tapping songs are the highlights of the wedding ceremony. The wedding and post-wedding ceremonies include Varmala and laavaan. Kanyadaan, Joota Chupai and Vidaai.

The union of two souls and a grand celebration is a speciality of the Punjabi marriage. The bride and groom after the pre-wedding ritual prepare for their D-day with lots of pomp and excitement. The actual wedding ceremony happens in the Gurdwara under the supervision of divine blessing. All wedding guests assemble in the Gurdwara to witness the wedding function of the couple.

Another USP of Punjabi wedding is the bright colourful clothing. The wedding guests wear vibrant and beautiful wedding outfits to the ceremony. The Punjabi wedding is a must-see wedding if you want to experience this culture in its full glory. is an experienced and innovative matrimonial site that provides the best wedding services to our customers. Our name is upheld with respect and trust amongst our existing customers owing to our comprehensive and high-quality services. We have successfully delivered our wedding planning services for customers of varying cultures and walks of life.

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