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Tips for Random things to talk about your crush

Random things to talk about your crush

By Datchana EPublished about a year ago 6 min read
Tips for Random things to talk about your crush
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Random things to talk about your crush

Best way relationship things to talk about your crush

In this article completely we gonna see, how to talk with your crush and what are the good questions to ask your crush, and the way how to ask your crush simply everything about how am boy spoke to a girl through genuine conversation. Then you will do things to talk about your crush.

Mostly this article helps introverted men, first time talking with a girl for before proposing to her or struggling with how to talk with their crush.

Best things to talk about with your crush.

Before you talk to your crush first you want to analyze what is her mindset, what she likes more, then what she hates more what things get her irritated, and what mode. Because you're trying to impress your crush also know what she likes more and what she doesn't like. If mistakes You did any unwanted things or boring conversation. Shisha some reason then end the conversation and she will go off.

Best tips for making your conversation more attractive.

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1. Never try to flirt with conversation

Some girls don't like flirty talk, because most girls are not interested in men who want to only talk about women's business.

The first start with smiley hai, and analyzing her reaction she also says hi with a smiley face, you can assume she is in a good mood. Then sitting with her not a closely little bit of a gap is good you think the conversation going well you can gap between you and your girlfriend.

Always start with positive words, and share some good things that happen in your life. For example any promotion in your office share with her I had a promotion and increment in my office so this is known as positive conversation.

And ask her I want to gift you something on my first month's salary, and say to her you are the most important person in my life so I want to present you with something so I ask your wish. This is called caring words.

Girl feels that mum and dad is a world your new guy into her heart, so you want to expose your love to her. then you I want to make feel her how you important are in her life.

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Caring word helps make a good bonding between boyfriend and girlfriend.

Most boys don't know what is girls feeling, some wealthy means don't care about girls' thoughts and mindsets. They only focus on branding shirts and shoes, If a girlfriend and boyfriend sit in a coffee shop and drink a coffee. The wealthy menses I can pay the bill this is not wrong because that made have to cash so he's saying I can pay the bill, but some girls don't like men paying their bills.

The best way to pay herbal, first you want to ask her if you don't mind can I pay your bill. This is a genuine way to pay your girlfriend's bill while you're drinking a coffee in a coffee shop for dinner or anything else. Because you ask her permission to pay the bill, this shows how you respect the woman you are a good dignified man.

Never dump your feelings on her

Random things to talk about with your crush: Your crush asks you, for a date. But you are complete with a bad mindset. Also, you think you don't want to lose this opportunity. Every time girls have many expectations about how their boyfriend cares about them. In case the day your boss, hurts you with his words, for some reason any bad project presentation, are you excusing for leave, are you coming office 30 minutes later any case any situation you mood off with your boos words.

So you come dating with the half mindset, and your girlfriend finds your face looking sad. Then she has come out with what happened today, then you explain your problems about your boss using harsh words in the office. Then she also got the sad phone to say the complete story of what exactly happened in the office. This kind of situation completely damages your dating. So never share your bad mood on your dating time.

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The best solution for avoiding this kind of situation, better you change the dating time next day or later. do some meditation hair positive affirmations then go to happy face with your girlfriend on dating or dinner.

Questions to ask your crush

How to Ask a question your crush, you can find a lot of catchy pickup lines online to impress your crush, Before asking questions about your crush. You want completely analyze what she expects from you. Everybody asks about his partner's past relationship, and that is not a wrong thing because he has to know about her past. But not to force are to feel uncomfortable to her to share her past.

The Other choices you can ask indirectly. If you share your first love experience with her, then if that love is temporary or breaks up everything you do say to your crush. Then ask casually if you have any kind of first love story. Automatically understand you want to know about her previous life experience. Then your crush says about what happened before met you.

Several things you should ask your crush not only about her previous relationship, but you can also ask about her passion, life goals, how she experienced cooking, what is her native place if she has any Life goals or achievements and if she says yes. Suddenly you can go with the topic because most girls like to share big Life goals in experience. All so finally you can propose to her I be with you all time and I support you to achieve your life goal.

What 5 things do most girls expect from their future life partner?

You want to care for your girlfriends like her mum and dad.

You want to be honest in her relationship simply you don't flirt with other girls.

Whatever makes you want to support her feelings and her life goals.

You want to give respect to her work also you want to give equal freedom

Surprise your girlfriend on her birthday or waiting day and have a trip on the weekends and holidays with your family.

They are all just every girl thinking commonly and expecting from her future husband, most of the girls don't focus on money or a good-looking person they just needed a responsible husband for his life and their family.

What to talk about on your first date with someone you already know

From a small age to mature age, you and she be a goofriendsnd. But now you think this is not only your friends but also you both are having some feelings. So you thought to date each other and then propose to get married.

Also, that is not necessary to prepare for talking to your friend are your girlfriend.

Because you both know you're each other. I am not recommended to prepare something to propose to her, because love is not based on preparation it is based on what feelings you exposed to her. But I have some tips to make air romantic conversation.

Just talking talk about her career, family friends, college life, hobbies, and personal life, mostly tries to make a long time conversation when she gets bored.

Random things to talk about with your crush

Take her to a good restaurant for a coffee or dinner, then ask her this question. what you think about me, you can easily find out the reaction she has a love for you or not. If you think she also has interested in you then propose to her. Proposing you want to know a hundred percent that she has interested in you and is also interested in sharing her future with you. Aur you think she is not interested in the relationship, smoothly change the topic and slowly expose your love to her, it will take some time days, and months. After you propose to her later Random things to talk about with your crush

How does a girl propose to a boy?

Girls don't propose like a boy, proposal is completely different to compare boys' proposals. Most of the girls propose indirectly, some girls propose shall we marry, and some girls propose to turn back and say I love you. And most common girls proposed when their boyfriend is alone with her I love you, you love me.


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