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The necessity in marriage is not love, is not money, but these four words!

Husband Zhang He and wife Guo Keyu can be said to be three pairs of divorce in husband and wife, the most mutual understanding of the husband and wife: two people can think for each other, each other is also very understanding, can write down each other's preferences, also willing to pay for the other side.

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Some people say that money, a house, cars, tickets, will be happy!

Some people say that equal family, equal, three views consistent, will be happy!

Some people say that love, as long as love each other, can overcome all difficulties.

But does love and money make for a happy marriage?

In the recent hit variety show Goodbye Lover, there is a couple who, after 10 years of marriage, have no infidelity, no problems with mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, and no disagreement between three views, finally go to divorce.

Is there no love between two people? No, they were also deeply in love, but they were finally separated by time and life, and became the most familiar strangers.


Husband Zhang He and wife Guo Keyu can be said to be three pairs of divorce in husband and wife, the most mutual understanding of the husband and wife: two people can think for each other, each other is also very understanding, can write down each other's preferences, also willing to pay for the other side.

The program group arranged to take a boat, and the husband clearly remembered that his wife would get seasick and would take the initiative to help her put on a life jacket.

The husband remembers his wife's preference for high-necked clothes, even details like her hairstyle.

The wife knows Zhang he's eyelid is inside double, the life of pregnancy she returned her husband's performance played very.....

But when two people communicate alone, let a person see marriage in the most regrettable, the most sad scene, is love but unable to communicate.

For example, when Guo Keyu asked Zhang He, Zhang He would choose not to answer her, whenever there are only two people, the husband and wife will silently walk away, not together.

Program group asked the reason of Zhang He and Guo Keyu marriage failure, two people also said.

The husband asked his wife, "There is nothing wrong with us. You are so sure of me and I think you are fine. Both of us are fine.

His wife replied, "I don't have an answer to your curiosity. If I had an answer, we wouldn't be apart."

The husband asked, "I just want to know what you lost about me. I'm not good enough, or I don't know you well enough, what's wrong with that?"

The wife fell silent.

One insisted on the answer, the other could not give the answer, the wife expressed directly: "The fundamental reason, you want to hear, I can not say, I want to say, you will not listen to."

Sometimes, marriage is not dead of nothing to say, but can not say together.


The people who love you may not know you, not communication is the grave of marriage.

Two people have been chatting in different ways, not on the same channel:

Zhang He asked: "Do you love me or not for ten years?"

Guo Keyu replied: "I love performing singing, for life to give up performing singing I do not regret" (subtext I love you).

Zhang He is not a literary romantic person, do not understand the subtext of his wife, slowly slowly, will think the other side does not love himself.

Love a person to let him know, to let the other side feel love, if you do not know how to express correctly, after a long time, both people will be tired, slowly think that the other side do not love, and then no longer communicate, no longer chat, even the end of the marriage without quarrel.

The necessity of marriage is not love, nor money, but good talk!

So how do you "talk nice"?

It's easy, just two steps:

1. Identify what's wrong with you.

2. Speak to your partner in a way that they understand.

The first ability is self-awareness, what my emotional experience is and why I am experiencing it, which is also the process of understanding myself.

The second ability is empathy. You need to know what kind of expression he's open to in his position, what his trauma is. It's also a process of getting to know people.

You have to know yourself, you can do a good talk. If you miss one of the two steps, you just want to get angry.

Whether it's learning to speak well, or getting others to speak well, speaking is hard because it takes learning and training.

The development of these abilities, quite simply, is a lifelong skill. In terms of the length of a lifetime, it's pretty simple.

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If you are... .


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