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The Kate Middleton Wedding Dress Was Very Elegant Indeed!

by Dreamz Wedding Planner 2 months ago in fashion and beauty

Kate Middleton Wedding Dress

The Kate Middleton Wedding Dress

Everyone waited with baited breath as to what Kate Middleton's wedding gown would look like. She chose the British brand of Alexander McQueen, which is known for not only the respect for traditional workmanship, the beauty of its craftsmanship but also the technical construction of clothing.

Miss Middleton wanted her dress to combine tradition as well as modernity that characterizes Alexander McQueen's work. Kate also wanted a touch of modernity woven into the gown. I think that balance was perfectly achieved.

This wedding dress of Kate Middleton's was the best-kept secret in all of England in the months preceding the ‘wedding of the century'. It has been of course tradition for bride's for hundreds of years to keep their gown a secret from their future husband.

Much easier to wow them if your seeing it for the first time :-) Allen B. Schwartz, who is the creative director of ABS, said that he thought the dress is very likely to be copied.

He felt that the main reason that a new bride will want to wear this dress because it is "a very forgiving dress. It's very elegant".

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Kate middleton wedding dress

Just about the best-kept secret in all of England was the Kate Middleton wedding dress.

However, on April 29, 2011, when Kate stepped out onto the red carpet everyone finally got a glimpse of the timeless, floral lace dress, which was designed by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen.

Sarah Burton is known, too, for pairing the modern with her impeccable tailoring. The royal wedding dress was embellished with very attractive and intricate lace. It is considered the material to be "spectacular".

kate middleton wedding gown

This exquisite gown was handmade appliquéd lace that was handmade by the "Royal School of Needlework". Every thirty minutes they had to wash their hands in order to keep the gown clean.

In order to keep their needles sharp, they were changed every thirty minutes. The lace appliqué was made out of Chantilly lace as well as English lace.

It also included designs that were made out of rose, daffodil, thistle and shamrock. This happens to be a wedding gown where each detail is important.

The tailored tiara that was borrowed from the queen dated way back to 1936. This piece was a Cartier vintage piece that blended beautifully with Kate Middleton's ivory tulle veil as well as the V-neckline and lace top.

The Kate Middleton wedding dress was very reminiscent of the 1956 wedding dress of Grace Kelly when she married Prince Rainier III.

There are similarities with the long lace sleeves. The sweetheart neckline along with the cinched in waist detailing is extremely similar.

Royal wedding dress

The Royal wedding gown, which instantly became immortalized in fashion history, was made out of English Cluny lace and French Chantilly lace. The train was almost nine feet long.

It was designed to look like a blossoming flower. Kate's shoes, which were made out of ivory duchesse satin and lace, were designed by McQueen as well.

"It has been the experience of a lifetime to work with Catherine Middleton to create the Kate Middleton wedding dress, and I have enjoyed every moment of it," Burton said in a statement.

"It was such an incredible honor to be asked, and I am so proud of what we and the Alexander McQueen team have created. I am delighted that the dress represents the best of British craftsmanship."

Intricate Designs of The Kate Middleton Wedding Dress

Kate Middleton looked toward Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen's to design her wedding gown. She had a special reason for choosing the Alexander McQueen brand.

Kat not only chose it for its beautiful craftsmanship but for its respect for workmanship that geared toward the traditional side as well as the technical construction of clothing.

Miss Middleton wanted her wedding gown to combine tradition with modernity along with the artistic vision that is one of the main characteristics of Alexander McQueen's work.

When the dress was being formulated, Miss Middleton and Sarah Burton worked together closely to design her dress. Because the Kate Middleton dress had to be a vision of perfection, and it was.

Talented and skilled workers came from all across the United Kingdom. The dress is indeed the epitome of timeless British craftsmanship as Miss Middleton worked with Sarah Burton in the design of the dress.

The wedding gown paid tribute to the tradition of the Arts and Crafts. This advocated truth to materials as well as traditional craftsmanship with the use of simple forms and usually Romantic styles of decoration.

The design of Sarah Burton draws on this heritage with the addition of giving the cut as well as the intricate embellishment a feminine, distinctive and contemporary character.

The lace appliqué that was used for the bodice and the skirt was all made by hand by the Royal School of Needlework, especially for the kate middleton wedding dress... which has its base at Hampton Court Palace.

The beautiful lace design was appliquéd as they used the Carrickmacross lace-making technique. This happened to originate in Ireland in the 1820s.

There were individual flowers that were hand-cut from lace and were appliquéd onto the ivory silk tulle in order to create an organic and unique design that incorporated the shamrock, rose, daffodil and thistle.

The Kate Middleton wedding dress was the perfect choice for her, it was beautiful with an understated simple elegance. She glowed with happiness and so did her Groom.

We wish you and your Prince the happily ever after for the rest of your lives. Congratulations to the new Royal couple.

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