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the health benefits of marriage for men and women

the benefits of marriage

By Abderrazak ZteouPublished about a month ago 5 min read
the health benefits of marriage for men and women
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The reason why you are moving forward in marriage, the most important thing is to choose the right partner to get the health benefits of marriage for men and women. Let's learn about the most prominent of these benefits.

Benefits of marriage for the heart

Marriage may help improve heart health and protect it from disease, according to many studies that have shown a significant link between marriage and heart health.

This may be due to some reasons such as:

Increase the feeling of happiness: A close marital relationship reduces the chances of heart attacks and enhances the feeling of happiness, which is essential for heart health.

Reducing the chances of developing high blood pressure: A good marital relationship also reduces the chances of developing high blood pressure, which can increase the risk of heart disease.

Eat healthy foods: In the absence of a wife who cooks food at home, the husband usually resorts to eating fast food from restaurants, which increases his chances of obesity and high blood cholesterol, and thus heart disease.

Psychological benefits of marriage

When the marital relationship is based on participation, both parties will feel their being and their importance to the other party and to the children, as each of them performs several roles and responsibilities, and despite going through many pressures and life problems, but reaching solutions and overcoming obstacles will enhance mental health and reduce feelings of tension.

The more one of the spouses finds support and appreciation from the other party, the more he feels psychologically comfortable and the more motivated he becomes to achieve more success.

Marriage is also useful for preventing depression if there is agreement between the spouses, as each of them can help the other overcome the various ordeals that may lead to depression.

Another reason that motivates you to get married and start a family is to get rid of loneliness, which can cause many psychological problems

The benefits of marriage for sex

Here are the main benefits of marriage for sexual health:

Maintaining sexual health: Regularly practicing intimacy between spouses will ensure the promotion of sexual health and the prevention of various problems such as low sexual desire or problems resulting from masturbation.

Improving mental health: Intimacy also positively affects mental health in the event that this relationship is continuous and successful, and makes the spouses happier, and the psychological state plays a major role in promoting sexual health.

Early detection of sexual problems: Marriage also helps in discovering any sexual problem early and starting to treat it before it escalates, as this problem can be observed during the practice of intimacy between spouses.

Reducing the risk of contracting sexual diseases: Marriage may reduce the chances of developing problems resulting from sexual infections, because the relationship is specific between the spouses and can be secured and ensured, unlike illegal sexual relations that cause many serious diseases.

Benefits of marriage for immunity

There is a close link between marriage and enhancing the health of the immune system to carry out its various functions in combating infections and diseases, as the feeling of happiness and psychological comfort improves the functions of the immune system in the body, while the feeling of sadness and anxiety causes problems of the immune system and its inability to resist infection, which leads to an increase in infection. with infections and diseases.

Also, a wife who cares about the health of her husband and children will take care of their nutrition well by cooking healthy foods rich in important elements to strengthen immunity and prevent diseases.

Health benefits of marriage for men

Married men are more likely to care about their health than single men, because they have an incentive to do so, such as regular medical examinations, eating a healthy diet, and exercising, and therefore because they have someone who motivates them to do these things.

A married man is also aware of his responsibilities towards his family, and thus takes better care of his health because he wants to ensure a good future for them.

Married men usually receive better health care in times of illness, as the wife is keen to take care of the husband and meet his needs, which helps to improve his health and recover quickly, and protect him from possible complications of diseases.

Benefits of early marriage

There is no specific age for marriage, but the marriage must be at a mature age so that both parties can better bear the responsibilities and burdens, as well as the difficulties that they may face.

But this does not mean that the age of marriage is greatly delayed. Learn about the main benefits of early marriage:

Giving the couple the opportunity to enjoy more time together, and to do many fun youth activities that the couple can do at a young age, thus consolidating the relationship between them.

Increased understanding between the spouses: Marriage at an early age helps the two parties to understand each other better, as each of them knows the advantages and disadvantages of the other, and thus the severity of the problems between them decreases.

Learning to take responsibility early: Learning to take responsibility is one of the most important benefits of early marriage, as the spouses can face different situations, and it may be difficult at the beginning, but as the relationship progresses, the spouses will become stronger and more accepting of different situations.

The strength of the intimacy between the spouses: Given that both parties enjoy better health at a young age, their desire to practice intimacy will be greater, as advancing age and increasing preoccupation can affect the pattern of intimacy between spouses.

Better care for children: When the age between the child and the parents is close, the relationship between them will be stronger and more understanding, and because the young mother enjoys better health, she will take good care of her child and give him more attention and love.

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