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The Costa Rica Bachelor Party Experience.

A vacation destination celebration!

By Pete SomaPublished 4 years ago 2 min read
The Costa Rica Bachelor Party Experience.
Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

How this all started... well obviously in a bar.

Question: Where to go for my friends' bachelor party? After asking for some advice from my Uncle Google, it becomes clear that Jaco Costa Rica is the ideal place as a bachelor party destination.

Ok, so we're on to something here. The boys want to get away and have a little fun. Fortunately, since one of the buddies was getting married in a few months, and the rest of the crew want to plan for a long-week-end that will go down in history (at least in our little circle), we have an excuse.

First Step - Accommodations. No hotels. We knew that a bad ass party friendly villa was crucial, and that we would want chef service every day, so this becomes criteria number 1... and close to the beach and to nightlife, also super important.

Never using AirBnB again (multiple bad experiences), and from a little research on best bachelor party company in Costa Rica it quickly becomes clear that booking with Jaco VIP was the way to go. They helped to plan everything and get a great house on the beach with a chef.

Casa Ponte Beach Front Villa in Jaco
Private chef every day at the villa

Now to organise the crew... was like corralling a room full of cats, but we manage to get our shit together - we lock down the dates, with permision slips for those with day jobs and/or spouses, and book our airline flights. No vacines or special visas needed so we're ready to go!

12 guys total - in paradise, away from home, and ready for the Costa Rica bachelor party vacation that will be talked about for years to come!

We arrive to the house in style, in a large private bus. Super cute concierge girl giving us the inside info about restaurants, the locals, night clubs, girls, where to party, and how to stay safe which is pretty much common sense advice.

On the first day, we brought to the villa 6 bottles of vodka, 4 bottles of rum, 5 bottles of tequila and 480 beers. (4 days later, not a drop left :)

We gotta do more than just drink all day. First day we all went on an ATV tour to a waterfall and then evening pool party at the villa ! On the second day half the guys went fishing and the other half went on a zip line tour. Third day was the private party boat! Wow! :)

ATV Tour through the jungle to a waterfall

Nightlife is sick. Hot women, great nusic in the club, bottle service with VIP table. Jaco is no where near the size of Vegas or a big city, but Out Of Control fun for a small beach town.

Best Party and Nightlife at Republik Lounge in Jaco Costa Rica

In Conclusion: We had a blast. Jaco Costa Rica is a great place to party and vacation. Definetely the trip we will still be talking about for years to come, until we're dirty old men and drinking coffee at McDonalds.


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