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Make Your Marriage Proposal Giant with a Giant Boo Bear

Marriage Proposal Idea

By Alex MurphyPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

If you have found your senorita and you think she’s the one then now is the time to ask her to marry you. Marriage is one of the most important decisions of an individual’s life and this proposal would be the biggest thing ever for you. Under this blog post, we are going to share some amazing gift ideas for the perfect marriage proposal.

You might have to do a little legwork but we are sure everything is going to be worth it. Before picking the right gift, just cross check your partner’s taste and get the best in your budget. So, let’s get started with additional gifts if you have picked the proposal date, venue and engagement ring.

Heart-Shaped Cake

Be it white chocolate and raspberry heart or red velvet with black sesame whipped cream and fresh strawberries, Cutting heart-shaped cake after she has just said yes works so perfectly on the proposal date. They are aesthetically pleasing and have the ability to conquer her heart.

You might get a couple themed cake with customised little hearts in her favorite flavor or get a mini heart-shaped cake with classic fruit decorations. Cakes can make any occasion better and memorable for life.

Personalised Chocolate Box

Like ice in the sunshine, a combo box of yummy chocolates can melt anyone’s heart. Be it raspberry-vanilla bonbon or Belgian chocolate dipped strawberries, personalized chocolate boxes can make your work easier. Let your loved ones know how special they are to you and let them cherish smiles forever.

You may even have both flowers and chocolates to impress your girl. A special collection of chocolates decorated with a beautiful arrangement of flowers can be shopped from any corner of your city.

Giant Teddy Bear

A giant gift as big that can literally bring tears in her eyes. Personalise it with a message saying, “I Love You”, “Will You Marry Me” or “I’ll Be There For You” to make your moments extra special. A giant teddy bear is a symbol of love and care and gifting her one after she said yes would make the aura 100 times better and romantic.

Several genuine and reliable websites offer high-quality boo bears made from premium quality polyester and super-soft plush material. Oversized teddies usually start from 6ft to 8ft and are ideal to surprise your special one on that beautiful occasion.

Plan a beautiful location where there is less crowd and more you can impress your feelings and emotions. Surprise her with a giant teddy bear at first, shower some flowers and propose to her with a beautiful ring. There’s no way she’ll resist herself from saying yes!

Scented Candles

Love at first sight is common, make love at first scent. Whatever your plan is, just add on a few scented candles to make everything romantic. Fragrance plays a huge role and can make an individual’s soul happy like real quick. Set off the scene, light up the candles and talk the whole night about your feelings for her and how you started loving her.

Several alluring fragrances come such as rose petals, lavender, chamomile, vanilla, musk and jasmine. These scents bring intense feelings from humans and eventually soothes everything. So be prepared with your plan and pull it off like a rockstar.

The Final Call

Proposal date, check! Location, check! Ring, check! Giant teddy bear, check! Now all you need to check is your confidence. There are chances you are going to be nervous and sweating bullets, so it’s better to practice beforehand so that you do not screw up the proposal. The more you practice, the more perfect it is.

Just say your heart out and make this moment as special as you can and we are sure by putting in these many efforts, there’s no room for her to say no. Best wishes and good luck!


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Alex Murphy Marketing Manager of Boo Bear Factory. Are you looking for a comfy friend to share secrets with? Then, what would be better than to buy Giant Teddy Bear! Shop Giant Teddy bear from Boo Bear Factory and Enjoy huge discount

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