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Latest Law on Annulment of Marriage in the UAE


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The Federal Decree (Personal Status Law) requires a lawful marriage before an annulment can be declared, and a Muslim marriage must meet certain legal conditions to be valid. Although "annulment" and "divorce" have different meanings, they both refer to marital agreements. A legally binding marriage must be dissolved through the court system to be declared null and void. The legal process by which the marriage is declared void, on the other hand, is the annulment of the marriage contract. For more details visit .

Conditions of Annulment

Several conditions need to be included before annulment applicability in the UAE; the following are some significant:

  • The age of the marriage of Muslim is calculated through Hijri Calendar and it must be 18. However, it is permissible to get married earlier that age with the order of the honorable judge.
  • A spouse's age cannot exceed that period and in such case, the couple must request a special ruling by the court prior to being hitched.
  • The "premarital screening certificate."
  • The bride's father (or legal representative) and two (2) male person witnesses (only Muslim) must also be present.
  • According to the principles of Islamic Jurisprudence, forced marriage is forbidden, so there should be a willingness from both spouses is required.
  • The agreement of marriage must be registered in Shariah Court in the UAE
  • If the permission of both spouses is based on fraud, then the union is considered illegal and against the laws of the Sharia

Conditions by Personal Status Law

  • In the annulment process, the two contracting parties follow the rules such as: following Personal Status Law, the "wali" of the capacitated lady must proceed with the marriage with permission, as well as duly appointed religious official must get her signature on the marriage contract. In the exclusion of guardianship, every marriage contract is null and invalid. The couple would be separated apart if the union was meant to be accomplished. In case the woman has no guardian then, in that case, the judge will be her guardian.
  • There shall be no legal restrictions on the couple or interference with their marriage. Polyandry, having more than one husband at the same time, or religious disagreements are examples of interruptions that might nullify a marriage.
  • According to the Personal Status Law, a marriage proposal from one of the parties to the wedding must be accepted for a valid marriage. The proposal and acceptance must be made in front of two healthy and sane Muslim men who have reached puberty, or one Muslim man and two Muslim women witnesses who are both sane adults. Marriage is voidable even in the absence of witnesses, not void.

Parent's Consent

An application to be married in the UAE must have parental permission or parental counseling. While parental approval is compulsory when one or both candidates for marriage are eighteen to twenty-one years old, parental counsel is mandatory when one or both candidates for marriage are twenty-one to twenty-five years old. Only the contractual party between the ages of 18 and 21 at the time of the marriage may request the marriage annulment agreement, whether in United Arab Emirates or elsewhere in the globe.

Proof of Occurrence Marriage

According to the Personal Status Law, the marriage must be legally documented to demonstrate its place. However, additional methods approved by Sharia law can be used to prove a certain behavior.

Role of Court

The parties were unable to settle their disagreement before the Family Guidance Committee. As a result, the case was scheduled before the Personal Status Court, where the defendant presented her defense, claiming that the UAE courts lack the authority to decide on the relevant issue. Regarding the appellant's defense, the Court decided that the defendant's claim that the UAE courts lack the authority to provide a decision in the case is erroneous.

Validity of the Marriage Certificate.

The Family Law and the Civil Procedures Law were cited by the Court to uphold the marriage certificate's validity. Furthermore, the Court ruled that the fundamental factors used to determine whether a marriage is valid are primarily determined by the laws of each party in effect at the time of the wedding. The Court also determined that one of the official specifications for marriage is the wedding recording, which is done through an official document approved by the judge or cleric the Ministry approved of Justice.

Chances of Annulment Case Rejection

A guardian of an adult woman is responsible for concluding the marriage agreement for her upon accepting and that she must sign the contract. If the guardian is not present, the agreement must be deemed unlawful. As the accuser has acknowledged, the defendant's father did not attend the wedding in this regard. Since the subject of dowry was not brought up, this marriage lacks one of its foundations, and the Court determined that the case should be rejected as stated in the ruling. All above mentioned factors, the Court dismissed the case and ordered the accuser to pay the necessary costs and court fees.


Annulment is a legitimate process that can be used to declare a marriage invalid. It is seldom permitted, except for bigamy and not being at least the legal marriageable age. If certain legal conditions were not satisfied at the time of the marriage, the marriage might be deemed null and invalid. The marriage is regarded as having never been in the perspective of the law if certain legal prerequisites were not satisfied. The annulment of this process is known. In contrast to divorce, which dissolves a marriage that has already existed, an annulment declares that no marriage ever existed in the first place. Therefore, not identical to divorce, it is judicially enforceable: a marriage that has been annulled is thought to have never existed.

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