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Is it a good idea to buy fancy shape engagement rings for your engagement

Buy fancy shape engagement rings for engagement

Is it a good idea to buy fancy shape engagement rings for your engagement
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Yes, it is definitely a good idea to choose a fancy shape engagement ring. There are many beneficial aspects of fancy shape engagement rings, and we have discussed some of them in this article. The diamond’s quality is determined with the help of 4C (cut, clarity, carat, and colour). In that cut also responsible for the diamond’s shape and it is decided by many factors such as the number of facets, proportion, symmetry, and many other technical aspects.

As engagement rings are considered as a tradition, it is emotionally important for a couple, especially for a bride. Every woman has different fashion choices when it comes to jewellery and clothing. The traditional shape is the classic round cut diamond, whereas the fancy shapes include the princess cut, cushion cut, oval cut, heart cut, pear cut, radiant cut, marquise cut, Asscher cut, and emerald-cut diamonds. Each of these appears in a different shape and adds beauty to your engagement ring.

Less cost compared to the traditional shape

In the traditional round-shape diamonds, most of the diamonds are cut to get a brilliant round shape. So, the cost of it is also more. But over 75% of the diamonds crafted are in the traditional round shape. As it is on the very expensive side, people are going for fancy cut diamond engagement rings. Fancy shapes are not as brilliant as round shape, but they give the sparkle and brilliance which are optimum for their price range. If you search for Engagement rings in Hatton Garden, you can find plenty of fancy shaped engagement ring collection. You can find a flawless collection of rings from princess cut to pear cut and even new creative shapes.

Appear larger than the traditional shape

The fancy cut diamonds appear bigger than the traditional shape diamonds. You will get the diamonds that look bigger for a lesser price range compared to the round brilliant cut diamonds. By choosing the appropriate setting, the centre stone in the engagement ring will look bigger.

Trendy brides like fancy shape rings

Nowadays, modern brides choose fancy shape rings for their engagement ceremony. Some women prefer to update their grandmother’s rings with a unique modern setting. If you are a woman who likes to go by the fashion trends, you will definitely like the fancy shape engagement rings. Apart from the basic round brilliant shape, the princess cut is the most sought after the shape of all diamond shapes. It is square-shaped and gives more brilliance and sparkle than all other fancy shaped diamonds.

Select a ring shape that suits you

There are many shapes like oval, square, rectangle, heart, etc. Each diamond shapes suit with different hand shapes. The princess cut has the most brilliance, but it not necessarily suits your hand shape. If you search for Engagement rings hatton garden provides you with the different varieties of flawless and creative fancy shape engagement rings. You can explore a lot of fancy shape engagement ring to find the one that suits your fingers the best rather than sticking to traditional and popular shapes.

Carved gold rings

Carved gold rings have become increasingly popular recently because of their simplicity and beauty. It consists of a thin gold metal band which has a beautiful design carved out all throughout its perimeter. When it comes to engagement rings, these exquisitely carved gold bands are one of the most popular engagement rings in London. Effortlessly extravagant and classy, these rings are affordable and have a unique design.

Classic gold band with a twist

When it comes to gold rings, the current trend is to use an ordinary gold band and upgrade it to give it a more modern look. For example, instead of wearing a simple gold band you could wear a textured gold band which has a more modern feel to it. The braided or twisted gold band and the spiral shaped gold finger rings have also become popular over the past year. An additional accent to the regular gold band also makes for modern style ring.

Gold rings paired with stones

A simple gold band topped with a diamond solitaire makes for a timeless piece of jewellery. Since the introduction of diamonds and alternative gemstones in the market, metallic gold has been paired with stones to create beautiful rings such as the pave set diamond eternity ring and the quirky offset stone rings. Multi-toned rings set in gold have a distinctive appearance and are very attractive to the eye. Colored gemstones such as ruby, emerald, yellow diamond and peridot make for a contrasting

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