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In a marriage, this kind of person is the easiest to give up

The estimated profit of Xu's fireworks company is about 300W-500W every year, with a large fluctuation. For example, losing the old ten thousand orders or getting orders from his wife's home, the impact is very huge, extremely unstable.

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Recently, I received a message backstage asking for help.

She said her husband was getting a divorce because she bought a new bag.

Xiao Xiao said: This bag she has been interested in for a long time, after comparing the most suitable. She is in the child's family committee, everyone is holding the same price bag, she can not lose, can not let the child be looked down on by others.

Tangled for half a year, Xiao Xiao took advantage of the recent brand to do special prices, bought the bag.

But when her husband found out about it, he became very angry. He felt that she had wasted money on useless things and even forced her to get a refund or he would divorce her.

Xiao Xiao felt wronged.

"I know our family is struggling financially, we have a car mortgage to pay, and we need to pay for our children's education, but we can't let our children lose face in front of others."

To be honest, parents are for their children, we can understand, but for the children's face and spend a large amount of money, even affect the normal expenses of the family, is it really worth it?



When it comes to children's education, most parents find it difficult to agree on the same thing, so there are all kinds of disputes.

Some time ago, when many people praised Gu Jia's bravery for her children, they also ignored the problems behind their families.

Gu Jia's children's education, is almost to the "all-out". And this kind of education idea, Xu Unreal mountain also cannot agree with.

Later, when Gu Jia wanted to hire a nurturer for her son, they had a big quarrel and refused to give way to each other. They did not agree on the issue of raising children, which indirectly led to the crisis of their marriage.

In fact, there are net friends over the economic ability of GU Jia family, in the face of Gu Jia's educational support for children, it is far from enough.

Xu and Gu Jia are both middle-class Aborigines in Shanghai. Xu's parents live in Australia and Gu Jia's father also has a house, savings and a pension.

Two people get married, itself has just need housing, in order to children's education, and re-sell the old house replacement improvement apartment floor.

The down payment for an apartment is usually 50%. After selling the old house and collecting the down payment of 1000W +, the loan will be made for ten years. The annual mortgage payment is expected to be about 200W.

The estimated profit of Xu's fireworks company is about 300W-500W every year, with a large fluctuation. For example, losing the old ten thousand orders or getting orders from his wife's home, the impact is very huge, extremely unstable.

But Gu Jia's situation at this time is completely "robbing Peter to pay Paul", with an annual income of 500 yuan, in fact, it may not be able to live.

So generally speaking, Gu Jia's educational requirements for her children are almost beyond her own economic capacity.

The people Gu Jia comes into contact with, like Muzi's mother and even the wives around her, generally despise Gu Jia.

And her child Xu Ziyan, if this way of education continues, may also encounter the plight of Gu Jia, also be despised by the classmates around.

Some people say that Gu Jia is for the sake of the children, but whether this way of education is really good for the children, we cannot make an evaluation at the moment. But such a life of excessive consumption is really bad for their families.

If the company is good, it may be OK, but this can only be done if Gu Jia can meet the current situation without adding more "demand".

On the contrary, a little of their economic losses, like without Lao Wan's list, the company may not be profitable, then they will immediately fall into economic crisis.

Children's school fees, house loans, babysitting fees..... Will get into trouble.

And at this time, when couples are worried about money, they can't avoid arguments.


Is the so-called, poor couple 100 days of mourning. Nowadays to really poor to live may be very few, but because they have no money and quarrel with the couple, but everywhere.

More than 50 percent of the couples I meet are fighting over financial issues.

One is frugal, the other is striving for a higher standard of living, and the two often quarrel over their different ideas about spending;

One side wants to start a business, the other wants to live a stable life, because of the economic problems of entrepreneurship quarrel;

The debt is high, the economy can't get by, and the other side is still doing their own thing and not willing to do their jobs.....

No money, you will find that those who once vowed, have become a bubble, both sides only cold words toward each other, completely see the past gentle.

In the final analysis, husband and wife may have different educational views, but they really need to agree with each other on their values.

And this is something that we often overlook.

So should couples talk about money, and who should manage it?

The best way to do this is to decide who will manage money and create more benefits for the couple's wealth. Therefore, if you want to become a money manager, do not use love as the reason, but persuade people by reason.


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