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How to maintain intimacy in your marriage

It's about marriage and decision making

By Samuel AjayiPublished about a year ago 3 min read

It’s no secret that sex is an important part of any marriage. It not only satisfies physical desires but also deepens the emotional connection between partners. However, after years of being together, the passion can begin to fizzle out, and maintaining intimacy can be a challenge. Here are some tips on how to have a healthy married sex life and maintain intimacy in your marriage.

1. Prioritize time for each other

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it can be challenging to find time for intimacy. Prioritizing each other means scheduling intimate moments, whether it be a quick morning cuddle or a weekend getaway. By making time for intimacy, couples can ensure they are both physically and emotionally satisfied.

2. Communicate openly

Effective communication is essential to maintaining intimacy in a marriage. Both partners should openly communicate their needs and desires, as well as their fears and insecurities. A safe and supportive environment for open communication can build trust, respect, and intimacy in a marriage.

3. Experiment

Sometimes couples can fall into a routine in the bedroom, which can lead to a loss of intimacy and desire. Experimenting with new techniques, toys, and fantasies can add a sense of excitement and adventure to the relationship.

4. Exercise regularly

Physical fitness can have a significant impact on a couple's sex life. Regular exercise improves stamina, strength, and flexibility, which can increase satisfaction and pleasure in the bedroom.

5. Focus on the present moment

Many couples may get caught up in their worries about the future or their resentments from the past. However, being present and focused on the moment can create a deeper connection and increase intimacy between partners.

Decision making in your marriage

Making decisions together can be tricky, but there are certain steps you can follow to make the process easier and more effective.

1. Listen to each other

Communication is vital in any relationship, and listening to each other is an important part of that. When making decisions, both parties must listen to each other’s perspective without interrupting or dismissing each other. Listening enables couples to gain insight into each other’s thoughts and feelings and make an informed decision.

2. Consider each other's needs

When making decisions, it’s important to take each other's needs into account. Both parties must be willing to compromise and be flexible. A decision that meets the needs of one person should not harm the other. A win-win situation is ideal in every decision-making process.

3. Evaluate the pros and cons

When making decisions, it's essential to weigh the pros and cons of each option. Couples must discuss the possible outcomes of each decision and the impact it may have on their relationship. Weighing the advantages and disadvantages of each choice helps in making a wise decision.

4. Seek advice

When making major decisions like starting a family or purchasing a house, seeking advice from professionals, mentors, or close friends is beneficial. Seeking advice helps to widen the knowledge and provides another perspective in decision-making.

5. Don't let the decision-making process damage the relationship.

In the end, the relationship between the couple should not be damaged. Resentment, bitterness, or anger must not linger even if a decision doesn’t turn out as expected. Couples must be willing to accept that they made the decision together and must work to move on.

In conclusion, making decisions in a marriage can be challenging, but by following the above steps, it can be simplified. Marriage is a partnership, and decision-making must involve both parties working together to make an informed decision that will ultimately benefit their union. Remember, marriage is for a lifetime, and the decision made will last for a very long time.

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