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How To Know When A Girl Is Thinking About You

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By FactLife TubePublished 11 months ago 5 min read

What signals do you have that someone is thinking about you? Is there a surefire way to tell if someone likes you?

It's a question that practically every man has considered at some point in his life. Have you been crushing on a stunning lady but aren't sure if she reciprocates your feelings?

You'll have the ultimate list of evidence she's always thinking about you after reading this story!

Now let's begin.

1. Unintentional Smile

Being in the company of a guy we like puts us in a good mood and can make us feel excited, so smiles and laughter are ideal. You're in with a shot if you notice large toothy smiles that make her eyes sparkle as well.

Many of us aren't even aware that our bodies react to what our minds teach them to do.

Your appearance, your face, and the fact that she sees you are the reasons for her uncontrollable smile.

2. She Recalls Significant Events in Your Life

If she remembers significant events in your life, it's a positive indication that she is constantly thinking about you. That is, without a doubt, how she remembers those events.

Things like your birthday or your favorite television shows. It's actually a lot like how you feel when you have a crush on a girl.

And if she has a crush on you, she will remember those important dates. So, if you find that she "just happens" to remember major events in your life, it's because she's constantly thinking about you.

3. You Notice That She Is Staring At You

If you notice her staring at you, that's a positive indicator. It's much better if she grins at you when your eyes meet, or if she smiles back at you when you smile.

After all, it's difficult to disguise your actual feelings when you're not expecting them.

4. And She's On The Lookout For You

Even if she doesn't approach you and instead goes over to her pals, the fact that she's checking to see if you're there is a good indicator because it implies you've been on her mind.

If she enters a room knowing you'll be there, watch to see if her gaze is drawn to you when she enters.

5. She Goes Out Of Her Way To Be Helpful To You

If she routinely goes out of her way to do nice things for you, she is constantly thinking about you and looking for ways to spend time with you, get to know you better, and get you to notice her.

6. She Answers Your Messages

Again, this varies from girl to girl, but in general, if we like someone, we'll respond promptly to their messages.

7. On Social Media, She's All Over You

You'll always get at least one like on your postings, whether you're undertaking the latest TikTok challenge, blogging online, or sharing memes. She's the first person to watch your posts, comment on something you've posted, or tag you in a funny meme.

She understands how to communicate with you on social media. Likes, laughter, and lighthearted remarks.

8. She Inquires Of Her Friends About You

This is a fairly daring move on her part because there's a good chance it'll come back to you, right? She may inquire as to whether you are single or if you have any particular interests.

She's crushing on you and is obviously thinking about you all the time if she's asking your pals about you.

9. Her Acts Of Service Speak For Themselves

The girl who can't get enough of you devotes a significant amount of time and effort to get to know the real you. When you have a problem, big or small, you can count on her to help you handle it in the most efficient way possible.

This girl shows you she cares in small ways on a daily basis, but she's not afraid to give it her all if a bigger crisis develops.

10. Her Friends Know Everything There Is To Know About You

When a female has a crush on you, she is always thinking about you. And, as women, we disclose all of our secrets to our female companions.

So if her pals know all there is to know about you, it's because she can't get enough of you. They know everything about you because she thinks about you all the time.

11. She Makes An Effort To Be Where You Are

When she has a crush on you, all she wants to do is spend time with you. She only wants to be where you are, to talk to you, and for you to notice her.

As a result, she's frantically trying to figure out how to get you to notice her and be where you are.

12. In Public, She Backs You Up

You may notice that she defends or supports you when someone says something hurtful to you.

But, even more importantly, if she agrees with your thoughts and what you say, and shows a lot of support for you, that's a really excellent clue that she's crushing on you.


Now that you've gathered some compelling evidence that she's constantly thinking about you and is genuinely interested in you, what do you do next?

If she's sending you all the proper signs, you should respond in kind to let her know she's not alone. She'll be looking for cues from you, just as you are from her.


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