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How to Find a Thoughtful Gift for Your Wife

A few of the best ways to find a meaningful gift for your significant other.

By Regina ThomasPublished about a year ago 4 min read

Gifts are a fun way of expressing your love for your wife. However, finding a thoughtful gift for your wife can be challenging, especially if your wife’s love language is not receiving gifts. Reading online articles may help you with great ideas, but that’s not going to assist you in finding the best gift for her. Online articles list gifts that wives supposedly love, but your wife might not because nobody knows your wife better than you do. Your wife always shows and tells you what she wants. You perhaps haven’t been attentive. That’s why rather than telling you what you need to buy your wife, this article shows you how to find a thoughtful gift for her.

Pay Attention to Your Wife’s Needs

The process of getting your wife a thoughtful gift can start months before you get it. During your usual conversations, she will probably off-handedly talk about some things she may wish to have soon. For example, if your wife says, “I wish I had a nice pair of heels to match with this dress,” she’s telling you she needs a new pair of heels. Keeping your ears open and getting her something she says she wants is a sneaky way of getting your wife to choose the gift herself. What’s more, listening intently to what she says can help you seem like a sweeter spouse.

Base Your Choice On Her Interests

Before you buy a gift for your wife, you should first assess her main interests. Maybe your wife loves jewelry or beautiful candles. Some of the insinuations your wife gives will not be the things she says. In some cases, you’ll have to watch for those subtle and less subtle hints as well. For example, when you take her shopping, rather than going to the electronics segment, stay with her so you can identify what she looks at. However, watching for these hints might be challenging, and you will need to talk to her about it to confirm her interest. Don’t assume that she wants something just because she looked at it.


Remember, your wife will not always give you hints about what she wants. You know her hobbies, interests, and what she values the most. Take your time to think through these things and then choose something that reflects them.

Weigh Practical Vs Romantic Gifts

Both romantic and practical gifts will have different effects and suit different occasions. Practical gifts have real value and use, while romantic gifts symbolize your affection towards your wife. Her tastes will largely determine what you choose. Romantic gifts such as roses and wine are ideal for romantic occasions such as Valentine’s Day, while practical gifts such as photo earrings have an actual use. They don’t need a specific event, and she can wear them anywhere, anytime, in any weather, and the jewelry will still give her a fantastic look.

Note Down

You’ll probably forget the necklace she was staring at on your shopping trips weeks later when it’s her birthday. When she gives those gift hints, note them down. You can start a note on your mobile phone or a piece of paper. Add to this notepad throughout the year, and you will have countless ideas to choose from for each event.

Plan Ahead

Avoid buying your wife gifts at the last minute. Plan what you’ll give her in advance. When you realize you have an important upcoming event, start searching online to see when you can preorder the gift and mark the date on your calendar. Allow yourself extra time to find the best gift for her by setting a reminder at least two weeks before the special event. If she shows you something while you’re out shopping, consider going back to the store and buying it instead of going months later only to find it’s not there.

Consult Her Friends or Relatives

If your wife has close friends, they might have an idea of what your wife might be interested in. Talking to them about it when your wife is not around can offer you an insight into what you’ll eventually give her.

Buying your wife a thoughtful gift makes her feel special. Whether you want a gift for your anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas, the tips we have outlined above will help spark your gift-giving imagination and get her something that will show her how much you love her.

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