How Have the Wedding Dresses Changed Since the Beginning of the 20th Century?

History of Wedding Dresses

How Have the Wedding Dresses Changed Since the Beginning of the 20th Century?

Over the past 100 years, wedding fashion has changed from decade to decade. Brides were married in dresses with a full skirt and now do so ultra minis, preferred to hide their hands in long sleeves and now open their shoulders, hid their faces under the veil and now show off their luxurious tiaras.

The 20th century changed a lot of things, even such a conservative thing as a white bridal dress. This outfit had a different length, style, and even color. In the 21st century, the girls decide whether to marry in Vera Wang's dress or swimsuit.

Innocence itself in the 10s

At the beginning of the 20th century, brides preferred loose and comfortable dresses with a full skirt. It was unacceptable to open any part of the body. The length of the skirt hid even the ankles and it was common to hide hands in long sleeves. The decor was not abundant in wedding fashion. The maximum that a woman could afford at that time was a long belt that did not emphasize her waist.

Accents on the figure in the 20s

Fashion changed drastically a decade later. It was already possible to open the ankles, but not the knees. The bride could add solemnity to the event because of the long veil and headdress. It was decorated with flowers and pearls

The golden age of Hollywood in the 30s

The Golden Age of Hollywood had a strong influence on wedding fashion. Brides sought to imitate famous actresses and chose fitted satin dresses. At the same time, ivory-colored clothes become fashionable. Earlier, this was considered simply unacceptable because the color of purity was exclusively white. The simple veil was no longer enough and young girls decorated their heads with diadems.

All attention to accessories in the 40s

During this period, there have been no radical changes in wedding dresses. They were also satin and slightly fitted. Lace veils appeared among the festive accessories.

Puffy skirts and bows were used in the 50s

After the war, the brides especially wanted a holiday. They approached the choice of dress with responsibility. In the middle of the 20th century, a new trend appeared in the wedding industry. Fluffy skirts displayed the appearance of the new-look. The brides used corsets, huge bows below the back and magnificent veils to enhance solemnity.

Time to be open in the 60s

The trend for long dresses finally disappeared in the 60s. A miniskirt by Mary Quant become a new standard of style. The girls quickly realized how effectively slender legs look and decided to use the trend in wedding dresses. Although not only the legs were demonstrated. The brides often posed for a wedding photographer with bare shoulders and deep cuts. The trend was actively supported by the stars. Both Yoko Ono and Mia Farrow got married in short dresses.

Princesses in the 70s

Showing skin quickly ceased to be fashionable. In the early 70s, wedding dresses became long again. Smooth silhouettes and laces were back. But the brides tried to avoid the veils and preferred hats and tiaras. The second popular trend was the pantsuit. Yves Saint Laurent tried to dress women in tuxedos.

Royal pomp in the 80s

The whole world saw the wedding ceremony of Princess Diana with Prince Charles in 1981. Her wedding dress became the main topic of discussion. It was so magnificent and looked like a cake with cream.

The second and very important detail was an eight-meter veil. That ceremony shook the simple women so much that everyone wanted to repeat Diana's outfit. Brides chose dresses with frills, puffy skirts, voluminous sleeves, and lace. At the same time gloves began to appear on the brides' hands.

Everything possible in the 90s

The 90s were the most permissive period in the wedding industry. Brides got married in dresses of any length and any colors. Sometimes a pantsuit or even jeans was chosen as a wedding dress. Sneakers were popular wedding shoes too.

Back to basics in 2000

The beginning of the 21st century again forced the brides to pay attention to Hollywood actresses. Fashionable satin dresses, bare shoulders, and tiaras are back in fashion. But it was decided to abandon the veil.

Whatever you want in 2010

Now the girls decide what clothes to marry in. This may be a designer dress, a lush “cake,” a short cocktail dress or no dress at all. For example, a white swimsuit is well fitted for a wedding near the ocean, palm trees, and warm sand.

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